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Sustainable Horticulture

About This Program

Students in Sustainable Horticulture enjoy working with plants and flowers. In our labs and greenhouses, students will learn how to create marketable floral designs for a variety of occasions, maintain interior plants in a variety of settings and also learn how to grow a variety of crops, including seasonal foliage and flowering plants, tropical plants and bedding plants. In this hands-on major, students are provided with real-world work experiences for careers in the floral industry where a broad understanding of floriculture and botany are important. Students can expect to find jobs in the greenhouse industry, within interior landscape firms, as well as in floral shops.

Sustainable Horticulture Courses

Course NumberNameCreditGrade Level
Psh300Sustainable Horticulture Technology24Grade 11
Psh404Advanced Concepts in Sustainable Horticulture24Grade 12
Psh405Sustainable Horticulture Cooperative Education 12 12Grade 12

Statewide articulation agreement in place.
Articulated Credit Agreement with Unity College

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