Commitment to Equity and Opportunity

As a learning community, Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School district is fully committed to cultivating a climate that respects diversity and equity while promoting inclusion and belonging for all students.  As a technical and agricultural school, our goal is to respect the differences within our culture and that our differences, when embraced, are the a source of our strength.  We want all those who enter our school community to feel comfortable.  We understand that learning from each other and with each other is the best way to prepare our students for the future workforce.

We are proud of our efforts to support students with developing skills to successfully navigate the opportunities afforded them during their enrollment at here at school and beyond by providing students with supportive school-based services as well as co- and extracurricular programming that allows them to develop healthy connections with peers and adults in and outside our school environment.   This is accomplished in a multitiered manner and guided by all members of our community from our academic and career technical and agricultural instructors and our school counselors to our coaches and advisors and in our communities, our cooperative education and Early College partners. 

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