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After Dark Partnerships

As part of the Baker-Polito Administration’s Career Technical Initiative (CTI), the After Dark Partnership Program increases access to state of the art Career Vocational, Technical and Agricultural Educational (CVTAE) training. ENSATS After Dark is committed to expanding exceptional, marketable career pathway opportunities for students, helping to meet the needs of state and regional labor markets. Eligible participants are afforded paid cooperative educational job opportunities during the second half of senior year.  

Upon completion of requirements, students receive diplomas from their comprehensive high schools and certificates of completion from ENSATS indicating mastery of technical competencies and employability skills that allow them to make immediate contributions to the workforce.

Current program offerings:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Construction Craft Labor (CCL) in conjunction with Local 22 Laborers’ Union 
  • Early Education & Care
  • Health Assisting
  • Sustainable Horticulture

Enrolled juniors and seniors take core academic classes at their comprehensive high schools and are bussed to Essex North Shore for career technical and agricultural training in our state of the art facility from 11:30 – 2:30, completing approximately 1,800 + hours of training in two years.

Students from participating communities who would like to take advantage of this innovative opportunity are welcome to apply. The admissions timeline is the same as that of our day school. For further information, contact Maryanne Gearin, M.Ed., Partnership Liaison, at

Chapter 74 Partnership “After Dark” designation allows school districts offering Chapter 74 vocational technical education programs to partner with other school districts to provide Chapter 74 VTE opportunities.  Key Program Features include:

  • Partnership between traditional high schools and schools with established C74 programs and facilities
  • Altered schedule for participating students
    • Core academics at local high school
    • 900+ total hours of C74 instruction at a career technical or agricultural school
  • Alignment with regional economic and workforce development priorities or other evidenced labor market demand
  • Eligible seniors may participate in Cooperative Education placement in the second semester of the senior year.

Adapted from:

A student works on making custom parts.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing provides training and work experience across the broad spectrum of
manufacturing equipment. Students learn how to manufacture metal parts using lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, and grinders. Students learn to design components on Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software and build components of complex machinery including engines and tooling systems, to make robotics parts, and other projects that require precision design, manufacturing and assembly using principles of engineering.

Advanced Manufacturing Courses

Course NumberNameCreditGrade Level
Pam300Advanced Manufacturing 1124Grade 11
Pam400Advanced Manufacturing 1224Grade 12
Pam405Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Education 1212Grade 12

Construction Craft Laborer

About This Program

The construction industry is one of the most diverse and rewarding industries in the world. The program prepares students for meaningful employment in a variety of areas.  The major types of construction are grouped into the following categories:

  1. Building-construction and reconstruction of residential and commercial buildings.
  2. Highway, Utilities and Land Development-construction and reconstruction of the following: major and minor highways, subdivisions, bridges, dams, tunnels and airfields, underground utilities (telephone & electric), piping systems (petroleum, water, sewer, natural gas and collection systems).
  3. Environmental-remediation and activities associated with the following; asbestos abatement, decontamination and demolition of nuclear facilities, hazard waste removal, lead abatement, permit-required confined spaces, erosion control

Construction Craft Laborer Courses

Course NumberNameCreditGrade Level
Pccl300Construction Craft Laborers 1124Grade 11
Pccl400Construction Craft Laborers 1224Grade 12
Pccl405Construction Craft Laborers Cooperative Education 1212Grade 12
A young woman interacts with preschool aged children.

Early Education & Care

About This Program

Students in Early Education & Care learn about the early childhood profession through their work with young children from birth to five years of age.  Students practice the principles of high quality childhood programming.  They learn the fundamentals of childhood development, theories of early childhood education, teaching methods and professional standards defined by the National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Workplace and childcare health and safety are emphasized.  Students gain technical expertise through supervised clinical and cooperative education placements to prepare them to begin entry-level work in the early education field.

Early Education & Care Courses

Course NumberNameCreditGrade Level
Pec300Early Education & Care 1124Grade 11
Pec400Early Education & Care 1224Grade 12
Pec405Early Education Cooperative Education 1212Grade 12
A row of adult student nurses.

Health Assisting

About This Program

The Health Assisting program trains students to become certified nursing assistants with advanced skill training in electrocardiology and phlebotomy. This program is also an excellent foundation for nursing, physical therapy, athletic training or other health-related fields requiring college degrees. In this program, students will have the opportunity to become certified in both ECG and phlebotomy through the National Healthcare Association. Medical terminology is taught throughout the senior year, and students can receive three credits at North Shore Community College upon completion with a B grade or higher for this class. Students become certified in both CPR-Healthcare Provider and First Aid.

Health Assisting Courses

Course NumberNameCreditGrade Level
Pha300Health Assisting 1124Grade 11
Pha400Health Assisting 1220Grade 12
Pha405Health Assisting Cooperative Education 1224Grade 12

Articulated college credit agreement in place with North Shore Community College – Danvers        Statewide Articulation agreement is available for Health Assisting

Close up view of green and red lettuces.

Sustainable Horticulture

About This Program

Students in Sustainable Horticulture enjoy working with plants and flowers. In our labs and greenhouses, students will learn how to create marketable floral designs for a variety of occasions, maintain interior plants in a variety of settings and also learn how to grow a variety of crops, including seasonal foliage and flowering plants, tropical plants and bedding plants. In this hands-on major, students are provided with real-world work experiences for careers in the floral industry where a broad understanding of floriculture and botany are important. Students can expect to find jobs in the greenhouse industry, within interior landscape firms, as well as in floral shops.

Sustainable Horticulture Courses

Course NumberNameCreditGrade Level
Psh300Sustainable Horticulture Technology24Grade 11
Psh404Advanced Concepts in Sustainable Horticulture24Grade 12
Psh405Sustainable Horticulture Cooperative Education 12 12Grade 12

Statewide articulation agreement in place.

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