Essex Tech At A Glance

Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School, or Essex Tech for short, is a high school option that focuses on preparing the future workforce for meaningful & successful careers. We offer 24 different career technical & agricultural programs that students enroll in their freshman year. Students spend more than half of their school time learning in their program or program-related courses to prepare them for the workforce or post-secondary education related to their program. Additionally, students are enrolled in academic and elective courses that fully prepare them for post-secondary education. 

Essex Tech has a strong commitment to expanding access to Career Technical & Agricultural Education. In addition to our full-time high school offerings, we also offer an “After Dark” Partnership Program with several communities that allows junior and senior students enrolled in their traditional community high school to participate in learning a CTAE program in the afternoons after attending their high school for academics in the morning. 

We also recognize that adults are lifelong learners and that there is a regional demand for training options. Our NightHawks Adult Education program offers various training opportunities for adult learners and job placement opportunities upon completion of many programs. 

Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School District is a regional school district comprised of 17 member communities. High school residents of these 17 member communities are eligible to enroll in any of our 24 CTAE Programs. In addition, residents in our surrounding communities are eligible to enroll in our Agricultural Program offerings. Regional CVTAE schools in Massachusetts exist to be partners in education to the communities they serve. Due to the increased costs of equipment and supplies associated with CTAE, communities regionalize to give students in their local community the opportunity to participate in CTAE without every community needing to outfit programs locally. 

Mission Statement 

The mission of Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School is to create a culture of academic and technical excellence, encourage continuous intellectual growth, and promote professionalism, determination, and citizenship for all students, as they develop into architects, artisans, and authors of the 21st century community.

Core Values

This will be accomplished through a four.tiered approach, requiring both commitment and investment from all members of our community: 

Students will: 

  • take ownership for their learning by being active participants in their own education 
  • be respectful and considerate citizens both in school and in the community 
  • encourage and support growth in themselves and others 

Staff will: 

  • equip students with the skills necessary to have an array of college and/or career choices upon graduation 
  • model improvement of skills while implementing a rigorous, relevant, and rich curriculum 
  • encourage and support each other in order to create an environment where everyone feels safe to grow and take intellectual risks 

Caregivers will:

  • provide the at.home support necessary to be partners in education 
  • maintain clear and high expectations for student performance, in all areas, to foster the continual growth of each student 
  • guide their student towards continuous improvement 

General Advisory will: 

  • review and evaluate curriculum and instruction in order to advise on course materials 
  • support career and technical education with the current industry trends 
  • make administrators and instructors aware of potential internships and co.op opportunities for students
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