Cooperative Education student in front of their work truck holding a pipe wrench.

Cooperative Education

The cornerstone of Essex North Shore’s Educational Model

The Cooperative Education program at Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School gives students the opportunity to be employed in their chosen field before graduation. Students who have met CTE requirements, are in good academic standing and have favorable attendance may participate. Students alternate on 5-day cycles between work and classroom study. The program can begin as early as halfway through Junior year and continue until graduation. The Cooperative Education program allows students to gain actual work experience, assume responsibility, earn while they learn and develop a favorable work ethic.

Career Counselors

If you would like to speak to the Career Counselors about employing Co-op students or being employed as a Co-op student, please reach out to the Career Counselor of the CTAE program your business is interested in. 

Ms. Kristin Doherty

Cooperative Education Instructor
ext: 2104

Elizabeth Shea

Ms. Elizabeth Shea

Cooperative Education Instructor
ext: 2102

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