Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education Student Information

The Cooperative Education Program is designed to allow students on-the-job training by involving them in work placements that are directly related to their technical area of study. Students alternate between their academic and CTAE cycles. Every effort will be made to assist those students interested in participating to find related employment.

Student Benefits

  • Provides the opportunity to apply technical training and develop skills
  • Gives students real world experience and gain an awareness of the workplace atmosphere
  • Helps students develop confidence and maturity
  • Begins to build a record of job experience increasing opportunities for future employment
  • Cooperative Education helps to establish financial responsibility

Student Responsibilities

  • Students are responsible for utilizing their resources, both inside and outside of school to find a co-op placement
  • Students must maintain academic and attendance standards
  •  Students are expected to be at work on time, prepared to work
  • Students are expected to display a positive work ethic and attitude toward work and their co-workers

Step 1
Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements

  • Enrollment in CTAE program for a minimum of 1.5 years (no sooner than mid-way through Jr. year)
  • Pass all academic subjects
  • Maintain a minimum grade of 70 in CTAE, Pathways, and Related Theory courses
  • Favorable attendance (refer to Student Handbook for district policy)
  • Favorable discipline record
  • A conversation about Co-op readiness with CTAE program instructor
  • Completion of appropriate OSHA-10 hour training
  • Completion of any industry-specific certifications provided in the CTAE area
  • In addition to meeting the above eligibility requirements, students will need the following:
    • Resume – Approved by Co-op Office
    • Cover Letter – Approved by Co-op Office
    • Copy of OSHA card
    • Review of technical competencies and safety with instructor

Step 2
Make an appointment with your Career Counselor

Ms. Kristin Doherty

Cooperative Education Instructor
ext: 2103

Elizabeth Shea

Ms. Elizabeth Shea

Cooperative Education Instructor
ext: 2102

Step 3
Read the procedural manual below and sign the Acknowledgment form

Application Process


Calling Out

Expected Workplace Behavior

Time Sheets

School Holidays/Vacations

School Cancellations



Injury on the Job


Leaving a Job

Termination of Cooperative Education Agreement


Or, if you prefer, you can download the Co-op manual PDF.

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