5 Year Strategic Plan (2022—2027)

Strategic Objective 1 

Innovation Provide opportunities that allow students to deepen their learning through meaningful integration of agricultural and technical skills, academic knowledge, and employability skills. 

Strategic Initiatives 

  • Expand student CTAE and academic coursework and extra-curricular opportunities that allow them to participate in highly-engaging integration learning projects that build connections between content areas. 
  • Lead the field in integration learning projects and host leadership events related to student-led deeper learning. 
  • Host an annual Spring Integration Exhibition where students share their integration learning projects for students, staff, and families. 
  • Create a plan for integrating the arts into student learning and integration learning projects in preparation for the ENSATS Arts Academy. 
  • Continue to expand the DECA, FFA, and SkillsUSA programs through coursework and integration-learning projects. 

Strategic Objective 2 

Equity & Belonging Engage all students, staff, and families equitably to foster a sense of belonging throughout our learning community. 

Strategic Initiatives 

  • Continue to focus on understanding the needs of marginalized groups and conduct a review of admissions, enrollment, and district-wide hiring and retention practices. 
  • Develop equity and inclusion data sources that help us to understand the diverse and multi-faceted needs of our learning community. 
  • Offer targeted professional development to support our staff in the implementation of equity best practices aligned to their particular role in the school or district. 
  • Expand mental health initiatives and educational programming and services to meet the needs of our neuro-diverse students. 

Strategic Objective 3 

Partnerships Promote partnerships that allow students to engage responsibly with the communities in which they will live, study, and work. 

Strategic Initiatives 

  • Leverage and expand our community partnerships to create greater workforce opportunities for our students. To include workforce opportunities which include job shadows, internships, and job share opportunities and connect this with community service. 
  • Provide time for staff to be able to connect with the outside community to expand on internships, community projects, and volunteer opportunities. 
  • Offer service learning/project-based learning to responding to communities in need that is aligned to our curriculum as a responsible member of the North Shore region. 
  • Expand the model of inviting community partners and CTAE Program Advisory Committee Members to serve as judges of student projects, participate in panel discussions, and get involved in other school initiatives such as Credit for Life and a jobs-skills fair that continue to create connections between ENSATS and the workforce. 

District Objective 

Regional Development Align the Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School District education, facilities, and training resources to meet regional employers’ demand for skilled workers. 

District Initiatives 

  • Expand student access to high-quality career pathways through a program and building development plan that prioritizes regional job growth demands. 
  • Develop an agricultural plan that incorporates career technical and agricultural programming with current agricultural producers on the North Shore and surrounding communities. 
  • Promote and expand post-secondary opportunities through workforce development and career pathway training programs aligned with our regional economy and industry trends. 
  • Build and foster new relationships with diverse stakeholders in the community that promote and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship through real-world workforce applications and student-run projects.
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