Construction Cluster

Construction positions students for meaningful employment within various industries through the program areas of Carpentry, Construction Craft Laborers, Electricity, HVAC/R, Masonry, and Plumbing. Students have access to hands-on learning in first-class facilities, certification opportunities, apprenticeship placements, and acquire specific technical knowledge and skill in addition to a broad understanding of the construction trade. 

CTAE Pathway Courses

Career Technical & Agricultural Education (CTAE) Pathway courses are cluster-based courses scheduled during the academic cycle to meet the needs of Strands 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 of the Vocational Technical Education Frameworks under Chapter 74 Regulations (CMR 603).

STEM for Construction – Grade 11 Pathway 

Course # pcn301 | Credits: 2
This introductory, semester-based course will use science, technology, and mathematics to understand real-world applications of production processes used in construction systems. The focus will be on the engineering design process, applying mathematics, science, and engineering standards to hands-on construction projects. Classworkwillrequirestudentstoworkbothindividuallyandinteamstodesignsolutionstoavariety of problems using software and an engineering notebook to document their work. 

Understanding Specifications and Blueprints – Grade 11 Pathway 

Course # pcn302 | Credits: 2
This semester-based course is designed to develop student understanding of therole that blueprints and written specifications play in the development, adjustments, and completion of real-world projects. Students will explore design decisions made as drawings proceed from schematic sketches to blueprints documents where writing defines both the scope of work and acts as a set of instructions. Topics will include interpreting scales, lines, symbols, elevations, sections, and details of a blueprint drawing, along with the quality criteria for materials, specified project standards, installation and construction methods. 

Construction Management – Grade 12 Pathway 

Course # pcn401 | Credits: 2
This semester-based course is designed to introduce students to managing all phases of construction management. Major units will include understanding industry codes, calculating materials and equipment, using blueprints, identifying safety procedures, and estimating project costs. Using real-world projects, students will learn the fundamentals to manage the construction process from footing and foundation, concrete flatwork, framing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC/R, finish carpentry, sheetrock and plaster, roofing, window and door installation, hardwood and tile flooring, painting, and hardware. Students will work together on teams and be responsible for the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from inception to completion. 

Renewable Energy in Construction – Grade 12 Pathway 

Course # pcn402 | Credits: 2
This semester-based course explores the reasons for the significant growth in the renewable energy and green building industry in the past 20 years. Topics will include the principles behind the broad spectrum of renewable energy technologies, a systems perspective to analyze energy technologies, technical challenges for each renewable source, and the economic and sustainability issues involved in the integration of renewable energy systems. Students will review case studies of award-winning green building projects to deepen their understanding of renewable energy through every stage of the construction or upgrading process. 

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