Plant Sciences

Plant Sciences provides real-world experience to give students the foundation to a career in Arboriculture, Landscape & Turf Management, Natural & Environmental Sciences, and Sustainable Horticulture. The curriculum instructs

Plant Sciences CTE Courses

CTE  Pathway  courses  are  cluster-based  courses  scheduled  during  the  academic  cycle  to  meet the needs  of Strands 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 of the Vocational Technical Education Frameworks under Chapter 74 Regulations (CMR 603).

Agricultural  Sciences – Grade 11 Pathway

Course # pap301 | Credits: 4
This full-year course explores agricultural sciences to understand current challenges and to consider alternative or shifting approaches to agricultural productivity.   Topics introduced include earth sciences, physics, botany, and  soils.  Students  will  have  an  opportunity  to  form  a  unified  vision  of  these topics based  upon ecology, agricultural productivity, and sustainability.

Agricultural  Management – Grade 12 Pathway

Course # pap401 | Credits: 4
This full-year course examines  agricultural management through  the business  of agriculture and its products. Major  units  of  study  will  look  closely  at  the  life  cycle  of  materials,  business  and  management  practices, effective communication, and  applied mathematical skills.   Students will use case studies of agribusinesses to learn more about how agricultural management has grown more complex through financial risk, managing big budgets, and investing in the latest agricultural technology.

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