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Early Education & Care*

About This Program

Students in Early Education & Care learn about the early childhood profession through their work with young children from birth to five years of age.  Students practice the principles of high quality childhood programming.  They learn the fundamentals of childhood development, theories of early childhood education, teaching methods and professional standards defined by the National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Workplace and childcare health and safety are emphasized.  Students gain technical expertise through supervised clinical and cooperative education placements to prepare them to begin entry-level work in the early education field.

A young woman interacts with preschool aged children.

Career Paths

  • Family Child Care Worker
  • Child Care Director
  • Children’s Case Worker
  • Public School Teacher
  • Juvenile Officer
  • Social Worker

Meet the Early Education & Care Teachers

Ms. Alison Kirkpatrick

Early Education & Care Teacher

Early Education & Care Course Descriptions

Course NumberNameCreditGrade Level
ec101Early Education & Care Exploratory 91Grade 9
ec103Early Education & Care 910Grade 9
ec200Early Education & Care 1016Grade 10
ec201Early Education & Care 10 Theory4Grade 10
Early Education & Care Exploratory 9

Course #: ec101 | Credits: 1
This five-day cycle exploratory course introduces grade 9 students to the early childhood developmental stages along with activities purposefully designed for each stage. In addition, students will experience infant care through the use of newborn simulators.  Students will also be introduced to the variety of careers in the early education and care field.

Early Education & Care 9

Course # ec103 | Credits: 10
This semester-based course prepares students for the first steps in entering the early education and care profession. Students will learn about the theories and principles of early childhood development.  They will also be introduced to the early childhood and care health and safety protocols and corresponding Massachusetts regulations. 

Early Education & Care 10

Course # ec200 | Credits: 16
This full-year course will further develop student knowledge and skills in order to prepare them for the early education and care profession.  Topics include: learning experiences for children, methods and materials, reading and numeracy, children with special needs.  Students will also learn how to plan early curriculum, observing children, and the stages of childhood growth and development. The goal of this course is to prepare students for a comprehensive cooperative education placement during their junior year.

Early Education & Care 10 Theory

Course # ec201 | Credits: 4
This full-year, classroom-based course will provide students with the key principles of child developmental theories.  These theories have resulted in styles of education, including self-directed learning (Montesori), learning by doing (Dewey), and hands-on exploration (Waldorf).  Students will also discover how early education and care learning environments are designed according to classroom management theories.

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