Animal Sciences

Animal Sciences CTE Courses

CTE Pathway courses are cluster-based courses scheduled during the academic cycle to meet the needs of Strands 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 of the Vocational Technical Education Frameworks under Chapter 74 Regulations (CMR 603).

Communication and Essential Skills – Grade 11 Pathway

Course # paa301 | Credits: 2
This semester-based course  explores the  communication, problem-solving and  leadership skills necessary for success in the animal science fields of Companion Animals, Equine Sciences, and Veterinary Science.  Students will  be  given  multiple  opportunities  to practice individually  and in groups  the many  interpersonal attributes required  for  success  in  the  animal  sciences  pathway,  including  the  ability  to  communicate,  empathize, and collaborate effectively when dealing with people in the animal science workplace.

Animal Ethics and Agricultural Laws – Grade 11 Pathway

Course # paa302 | Credits: 2
This semester-based course  is designed to  build student understanding of the current debates about the nature and extent of our moral obligations to animals through the framework of agricultural laws. Topics will include theories of ethics and their application to animals, our moral relationship to animals, animal minds, and the uses of  animals  for  food,  clothing,  experimentation,  entertainment,  hunting,  as  companions  or  pets,  and  other purposes.    Students  will  develop  positions  based  upon  theoretical  and  legal  issues  concerning  ethics  and animals, giving reasons for their support, and defending their views from potential objections and criticism.

Laboratory Skills for Animal Sciences – Grade 12 Pathway

Course # paa401 | Credits: 2
This  semester-based  course  is  designed  to  introduce  students  to  laboratory  skills  as  they  are applied to the animal  sciences.   Students  explore the  impact of laboratory skills  and what these can  tell us about animals, including  animal  reproduction,  the  equine  industry, animal health and human  health, production technology, processing,  and  distribution  of   agricultural  animal  products.  Students  will  participate  in  classroom  and laboratory activities that are complemented by cutting-edge research.

Applied Mathematics in Animal Science – Grade 12 Pathway

Course # paa402 | Credits: 2
This  semester-based  course  is  intended  to  build student understanding of animal  science through  real-world mathematical applications.   Students will learn how  to use  indices, graphics,  budgeting, interest calculations, compounding and discounting, along  with basic statistical measures to broaden their ability to incorporate the use of these calculations into animal science knowledge.  The goal of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to select, understand, and critically evaluate scientific studies in the animal sciences disciplines.

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