Grade 12 Academic Electives

Grade 12 Academic Electives Course Descriptions

History & Social Sciences
Genocide Studies – Grade 12

Course #: 4482 | Level:  Honors | Credits: 4
This course examines the 20th century as “the century of genocide,” beginning with the Armenian genocide, the horrors of the Holocaust, and ending with the atrocities in Bosnia and Rwanda and the violence in Darfur, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Northern Iraq. We will consider many questions in this course: What is genocide? Where did the term come from and how has it been defined and examined over time? What conditions lead to genocide? What are the warning signs? What allows people to act in such evil ways and what causes others to stand by? How can genocide be prevented? Which genocides have been emphasized, and which have been overlooked? We will explore these and other ideas through a historical lens, with critical review of primary sources and research, and through a literary lens, with first-hand accounts and survivor testimony.  This course is a semester class.

Using History to Understand Contemporary Issues – Grade 12

Course #: 4410 | Level: CP | Credits:  4
The 21st century has brought with it unprecedented access to information through various media sources.  This presents an amazing opportunity for students to explore contemporary topics with an eye toward critical discernment of sources, and the agendas and motives behind them.  This course will actively explore complex issues in our contemporary society through the prism of history.  Topics include: globalism and nationalism, bias in media, the Culture War, economic trends of the modern world, and major social issues and their change over time.  In order to become better-informed citizens, students will practice evaluating various sources of media and bias. This will be accomplished in a variety of ways including socratic seminar, project-based learning, and facilitated debates and oral presentations. This course is a full-year semester class.

Accounting  – Grade 12

Course #: 2460 | Level: CP | Credits: 4
Accounting is an applied mathematics course where students learn about the operational principles necessary for success in the workplace.  Topics include basic accounting procedures, debits and credits, customer needs assessment, investment activities, analyzing, evaluating, and creating financial reports, and technology applications for operating systems and budgets.  This is a full-year class. 

Chemistry – Grade 12 

Course #: 3402, 3401, 3400 | Level: Honors, ACP, CP | Credits: 4
This course is designed to teach students the concepts of composition, structure and properties of substances and the changes they will undergo. Topics will include the classification of matter, atomic structure, periodic table and chemical formulas, chemical reactions and gas laws. Students will utilize qualitative as well as quantitative approaches to predict outcomes and identify unknowns. Use of a scientific calculator is required. Strong math skills are recommended for the Honors Level.

Physics – Grade 12

Course #: 3412, 3411, 3410 | Level: Honors, ACP, CP | Credits: 4
This Physics course will introduce key concepts of the physical world including motion, energy, and electromagnetism. Hands on labs will reinforce these concepts. Measurement and problem solving including graphing and critical thinking will be introduced. Technology will be used to analyze data collected in lab activities. Use of a scientific calculator is required. Strong math skills are recommended for the Honors Level.

Advanced Placement Physics – Grade 12

Course #: 3413 | Level: AP | Credits: 4
A.P. Physics 1 is an algebra-based, introductory college-level physics course that will address the principles of Newtonian mechanics; work, energy, and power: mechanical waves and sound; and introductory, simple circuits. Laboratory-based inquiry learning will develop students’ scientific critical thinking and reasoning skills. There is a mandatory summer assignment. Students are expected to take the College Board A.P. Physics Exam in May. College credit may be applied with a score of three or higher on the College Board exam. (Exam is scored from 1 – 5).

Forensic Science – Grade 12

Course #: 3440 | Level: CP | Credits: 4
This is a lab-based elective designed to give students an in-depth look at the world of forensics. Students will be introduced to the basic application of science to the law. Students will learn how forensic scientists combine today’s technology with the skills of the scientific community in order to help solve crimes. Topics covered include crime scene evaluation, fingerprinting, and DNA analysis as well as the examination of current cases as they relate to these topics.

Dance – Grade 12

Course #: 5450 | Level: CP | Credits: 4
This is a full-year elective open to seniors seeking an introduction to dance with no previous experience required.  The purpose of this course is to give students of varying dance abilities and experience the opportunity to enrich their kinesthetic awareness by learning several genres of dance (ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern, social and cultural dance) as well as learning basic fitness principles, the history of dance, dance terminology, choreography, and dance production. 

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