Cooperative Education


Cooperative Education is a partnership between the ENSATS community and employers designed to provide students with practical employment experience in the workplace. Employers mentor students and help develop the range and diversity of skills expected in a workplace environment. Students receive credit for their CTE program by participating in this work placement program. Students must meet and maintain eligibility requirements related to attendance, grades, conduct, and successful completion of OSHA 10-hour Certification, or students could be removed from their placement. While on the job, employers are expected to foster the growth and development of students. In many cases, this is the student’s foray into the workplace and technical and employability skills, such as communication, are developed on the job. Students and employers maintain and submit time sheets to track attendance, hours, and employer feedback.

Employer benefits

  •      Provides an efficient, cost effective method of recruiting employees
  •      Students are trained in basic safety and occupational skills
  •      Students are OSHA-10 certified and many have additional industry specific certifications
  •      Enhances partnership between school and community

Employer responsibilities

  •      Provide a minimum of 30 hours each 5-day CTE cycle
  •      Ensure assignments are related to students’ technical training
  •      Provide continuous supervision
  •      Must adhere to MA Child Labor Laws and comply with background check requirement (CORI)
  •      Provide proof of Workers Compensation Insurance

Step 1
Check to make sure as an employer you agree to:

  • Provide jobs that directly align with the student’s CTE program.
  • Provide students with 30 hours minimum during their CTE cycle, which is every OTHER Wednesday-Tuesday (typical week, sometimes varies) and they do not need to be traditional school hours.
  • Provide supervision at all times.
  • Pay students minimum wage, or more.
  • Provide student with workmen’s compensation insurance coverage, and provide an active policy binder.
  • Allow any and all supervisors, or people they would be left alone with, to submit to a CORI background check and personally meet a school official at a work site.
  • Allow a school representative to conduct a safety inspection.
  • Complete the necessary Cooperative Education paperwork that will be provided to you once you establish communication with the Career Counselor.

Step 2
Speak to the Career Counselors about employing Co-op students

Please reach out to the Career Counselor of the CTE program your business is interested in.

Kristin Doherty

Ms. Kristin Doherty

Cooperative Education Instructor
ext: 2103

Elizabeth Shea

Ms. Elizabeth Shea

Cooperative Education Instructor
ext: 2102

Step 3
Access / Sign Up for Our Job Board

Access the ENSATS Job Board here,

Our online Employer Services are available for no charge, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can post unlimited jobs, for free, once you have access to our system.

You must register your organization with our office prior to accessing these services.  Once your registration is reviewed and approved you will receive an email which includes your Access ID and Password and defines your Access Level.  Please register at the website listed above.

In order to approve you to post, we need to verify proof of Workman’s Compensation Insurance. Please visit Workmen’s compensation insurance lookup to check if your policy is active

You will immediately have access to your account page and can then post a new job. You can also edit and repost jobs as needed and expire jobs when filled. 

If approved, you will be able to post jobs targeted to Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School students and alumni.

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