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Automotive Technology

About This Program

Automotive Technology provides students with comprehensive training and hands-on experience working with automobiles that are complex systems, and which combine computer technology and integrated systems that include gasoline, hybrid and battery-powered engines, electronic braking systems and automated support systems for drivers. Students in the Automotive Technology program learn to diagnose automotive system problems, to repair them, and to handle general maintenance on automobiles of all kinds. The program focuses on the latest techniques and diagnostic procedures used in the industry. Students work on vehicles donated by automobile manufacturers and private citizens, as well as on automobiles needing repairs from customers within the community. 

Automotive Technology Courses

Course NumberNameCreditGrade Level
Pat300Automotive Technology 1124Grade 11
Pat400Automotive Technology 1224Grade 12
Pat405Automotive Technology Cooperative Education12Grade 12

 Statewide articulation agreement in place.

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