Work Permits

Note: ENSATS Cooperative Education Employment Permits are processed and issued through the Cooperative Education Office; the process outlined in this document ONLY applies to Employment Permits that are NOT part of the Cooperative Education Program.

The ENSATSD Superintendent has designated that Employment Permits can be issued to enrolled ENSATS students by the Director of School Counseling with the assistance of the Administrative Assistant for School Counseling.  ENSATS students and parents/guardians are asked to afford ENSATS  two (2) full school days to process received, completed Employment Permit Applications.

STEP 1: Obtain the Employment Permit Application

Students will often obtain the application from their employer.  A copy of the MA Employment Permit Application for 14 through 17 Year-Olds can also  be downloaded here:

STEP 2: Complete the Employment Permit Application 

In order for ENSATS to process an Employment Permit Application, a student (age 14-17) must:

  • Have their employer complete and sign the Promise of Employment on the application (Section 2).
  • If age 14-15, a Physician Certificate of Health is required; this must be completed and signed by the student’s physician (Section 3).
  • Have their parent/guardian sign and date the application  (Section 4).
  • The student must sign and date the application (Section 5).

STEP 3: Submit the completed Employment Permit Application to ENSATS

Enrolled ENSATS students may submit their completed Employment Permit Application at the Guidance Suite Monday- Friday during school business hours (7:30am-3:30pm).

Student’s and parents/guardians are asked to scan their completed permit application and email this scan to

STEP 4: ENSATS Process for Issuing an Employment Permit

  • ENSATS will make every reasonable effort to process received, complete Employment Permit Applications in two (2) school days.
  • Students will be contacted by email when permits are issued and/or if additional documentation or information is needed. 

STEP 5: Student Signs Issued Work Permit

ENSATS will maintain a copy of all documents, including a copy of the issued and signed Employment Permit until the student is 18 years old, after which time, the Employment Permit will be destroyed. 

STEP 6 : Student will bring the Employment Permit to their Employer

  • The employer must keep the Permit on file at all times while the student is employed, or until the student is 18 years old. 
  • If the student’s employment ends prior to their 18th birthday, the Employment Permit must be returned to the issuing Superintendent or their authorized designee (Director of School Counseling).

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