School Counseling

The Essex North Shore School Counseling faculty provide comprehensive, school-based services to all students with the goal of nurturing skills for students’ success during high school and beyond. Freshman students are assigned to a Grade 9 freshman counselor who assists them with their transition to a regional, career technical high school.  Grade 9 counselors also work closely with Grade 9 students to assess their career interests in preparation for participation in the Grade 9 Exploratory Program and the ensuing career technical program placement. These freshman counselors continue to work students throughout their ninth-grade experience.  Beginning in Grade 10 and through Grade 12, students are assigned to an Academy-specific School Counselor consistent with their career technical/agricultural program.

At all grade levels, students participate in academic and career guidance lessons delivered by school counselors throughout each year and students graduate having developed a Four-Year Career Plan with the support of the school counselors.  Students and their families may access information in their respective student’s Career Plan and explore career and college opportunities on their student’s Naviance/Family Connections account (link below).

All students have access to supportive interventions from school counselors and school adjustment counselors to address their developmental, social, and emotional needs. Collaboration with caregivers is also an essential component of our guidance model. Caregivers are encouraged to contact their student’s counselor as circumstances arise. Appointments with school counselors and school adjustment counselors are welcome and can be scheduled by emailing or calling the counselor directly (contact information below).

Parent & Caregiver Sessions

The School Counseling Department sponsors the following parent information sessions annually:

New Family OrientationAugust 22, 2023
ENSATS College FairOctober 11, 2023
Senior Parent College & Career Planning NightOctober 11, 2023
Freshmen CTAE Program Selection Parent Info NightNovember 29, 2023
Freshman Family CTAE Program FairJanuary 4, 2024
Sophomore & Junior Caregiver NightMarch 13, 2024
“My Ascension” Suicide Prevention Family SessionApril 25, 2024

Mental Health Resources

Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School is pleased to share School and Community-Based Mental Health Resources with our students and families.

School Counseling Staff

ImageFirst NameLast NamePosition TitleEmailExtension
Daniel Connors
DanielConnorsSchool CounselorDConnors@essextech.net3114
Heather Denton
HeatherDentonSchool Adjustment CounselorHDenton@essextech.net5110
Wendy Fajardo
WendyFajardoAdmissions & Freshman School CounselorWFajardo@essextech.net3117
Ashley Forster
AshleyForsterSchool Adjustment CounselorAForster@essextech.net5108
Sandra Goldstein
SandraGoldsteinDirector of School Counseling & AdmissionsSGoldstein@essextech.net3110
Jason Loring
JasonLoringSchool CounselorJLoring@essextech.net3113
Mello, Kelly
KellyMelloSchool CounselorKMello@essextech.net3112
Julie Montague
JulieMontagueAdmissions & Freshman School CounselorJMontague@essextech.net3116
Cara Moretti
CaraMorettiSchool Adjustment CounselorCMoretti@essextech.net5109
Casey O'Donnell
CaseyO’DonnellSchool CounselorCODonnell@essextech.net3111
Emily Ouellet
EmilyOuelletSchool Adjustment CounselorEOuellet@essextech.net5106
Elizabeth Shea
ElizabethSheaCooperative Education InstructorEShea@essextech.net2102
Silfa, Nabil
NabilSilfaSchool CounselorNSilfa@essextech.net3123
McNeil, Brianna
BriannaMcNeilSchool Adjustment CounselorBMcNeil@essextech.net5107



Information about available scholarships is available in Naviance. Contact your School Counselor with questions about scholarships or college and career planning.


If you or your organization are interested in offering a scholarship to Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School students, please contact us at

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