Arial view of Smith Hall.

Essex North Shore PTO


Nikki Champagne & Jackie Lareau, Co-Presidents
Carolina Velasquez, Vice President
Maryann Linquata, Treasurer
Kimberly Taormina, Secretary
Trisha Rushbrook, Member-At-Large


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Meeting Documents

TitleDocument TypesDocument Year
December Minutes 2023Meeting Minutes2023
December Agenda 2023Meeting Agendas2023
November Minutes 2023Meeting Minutes2023
October Minutes 2023Meeting Minutes2023
June Minutes 2023Meeting Minutes2023
May Minutes 2023Meeting Minutes2023
May Agenda 2023Meeting Agendas2023
March Minutes 2023Meeting Minutes2023
March Agenda 2023Meeting Agendas2023
January Minutes 2023Meeting Minutes2023
January Agenda 2023Meeting Agendas2023
November Minutes 2022Meeting Minutes2022
November Agenda 2022Meeting Agendas2022
October Minutes 2022Meeting Minutes2022
October Agenda 2022Meeting Agendas2022
June Minutes 2022Meeting Minutes2022
June Agenda 2022Meeting Agendas2022
May Agenda 2022Meeting Agendas2022
April Agenda 2022Meeting Agendas2022
March Agenda 2022Meeting Agendas2022
February Agenda 2022Meeting Agendas2022
January Agenda 2022Meeting Agendas2022
November Agenda 2021Meeting Agendas2021
October Minutes 2021Meeting Minutes2020
October Agenda 2021Meeting Agendas2021
September Minutes 2021Meeting Minutes2020
September Agenda 2021Meeting Agendas2021
June Minutes 2021Meeting Minutes2020
June Agenda 2021Meeting Agendas2021
May Minutes 2021Meeting Minutes2020
May Agenda 2021Meeting Agendas2021
April Minutes 2021Meeting Minutes2020
April Agenda 2021Meeting Agendas2021
February Agenda 2021Meeting Agendas2021
January Minutes 2021Meeting Minutes2021
January Agenda 2021Meeting Agendas2021
December Minutes 2020Meeting Minutes2020
December Agenda 2020Meeting Agendas2020
November Agenda 2020Meeting Agendas2020
October Agenda 2020Meeting Agendas2020
October Minutes 2020Meeting Minutes2020
September Agenda 2020Meeting Agendas2020
March Agenda 2020Meeting Agendas2020
February Minutes 2020Meeting Minutes2020
February Agenda 2020Meeting Agendas2020
January Minutes 2020Meeting Minutes2020
January Agenda 2020Meeting Agendas2020
December Agenda 2019Meeting Agendas2019
November Minutes 2019Meeting Minutes2019
October Minutes 2019Meeting Minutes2019
November Agenda 2019Meeting Agendas2019
October Agenda 2019Meeting Agendas2019
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