Late Transportation Sign up Protocol Parent

All students who are staying after school for extra help, clubs or athletics must sign up online to indicate the appropriate after school transportation (Late Bus, Parent Pickup or Student Driver.) It is important that Essex Tech staff know which students are in the building after the regular school day. Students must be in a supervised activity or in the Media Center. Students are not allowed on campus after 4:00 p.m. unless in a directly-supervised activity.

Sign up for all late transportation should be done electronically using the student’s iPad/Chromebook or a computer in the media center/library. The electronic sign-ups can be found on the Essex Tech website on the Student Support Page. All fields must be completed and the form submitted for a name to appear on a list.

  • Late Buses: Each late bus, 4:00 pm (none on Wednesdays and Fridays) and 5:45 pm, is listed separately with the stops. In order to ride on a late bus, a student must be signed up for it.

Each late bus goes to specific cities/towns and stops. Late buses do not stop at every morning stop in a city/town. Late bus stops are centrally located so that students can walk from the stops or parents can meet the buses and drive their students home.

  • Parent Pickup: Sign up to indicate a parent/guardian will pick you up. Students staying after school awaiting rides must be picked up by 4:00 p.m.
  • Student Drivers: Sign up to indicate that you are staying at school after dismissal.

Students must complete the on-line late transportation sign up each day by 9:15 am. Buses may be canceled if no one signs up by 9:15 am. Students who need to sign up after 9:15 am must report to the main office and will only be allowed to sign up if the bus has not already been canceled.

Students who repeatedly neglect to sign up may not be allowed to ride a late bus.

A student whose plans change and needs to remove his/her name from the late transportation list, should go to the Main Office to do so.

Students and parents who have questions regarding late transportation can contact Ms. Kathy Russo, Transportation Director, at 978-304-4700 ext. 7401 or by email at

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