Fundraising Policy for Food Sales

Foods sold for school sponsored fundraising activities
  • Items used for this purpose should not compete and or violate the standards set forth by the schools wellness policy.
  • Items sold for this purpose should encourage “healthy” habits and reinforce the positive nutrition message.
  • Student fundraising should comply with ENSAT
  • policy
  • All fundraisers involving food should be cleared by ENSAT Nutrition Director and School Nurse to endure it will meet Wellness Policy standards and NSLP Policies
Foods served for classroom parties, activities and celebrations

At ENSAT we recognize and appreciate that many cultures celebrate with food. Because of new state dietary regulations and concerns with food allergies, most public schools have eliminated this practice entirely. Our new school policy no longer permits the bringing in of food items for birthdays and celebrations during school. Any birthday celebration treats can be ordered from the ENSAT Kitchen. Please refer to our celebration policy document and order form on the food service section of our website.

  • Unfortunately any celebration food brought in will have to be turned away.
  • Non- food celebrations should be encouraged.
  • Any food projects that are part of the curriculum should be exempt.
Food offered at any school related events
  • Food sold at concessions should be in compliance with the schools guidelines put forth in this policy.
  • All items will be approved by the Food Service Director before events.
  • Foods consumed or served during professional meetings or breaks should be set an example. Teachers should be aware and act as positive role models.
  • Organizations renting school property should meet the USDA standards and guidelines and codes for food and beverages.
  • Nutrition guidelines will be updated and maintained by the Food Service Director.
Nutrition guidelines
  • All guidelines will be published and available in writing and electronically, disseminated and publicly posted.
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