Dress for Success

“Dressing for Success” during Career Discovery & Exploratory

Career Technical & Agricultural Education (CTAE) Program Attire, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and more…

For students to be successful and safe, grade nine students are expected to come prepared during the exploratory program. Safety in the CTAE programs is critical. We follow OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards in all CTAE programs. Students will be learning new skills that may put them in hazardous situations. As a result, each CTAE Program has specific safety guidelines and requirements that are essential to keep them and others safe.

During the Career Discovery and Exploratory Programs, students should come to school prepared and ready to work. Please note the following:

  • The following are NOT PERMITTED in the CTAE Programs:
    • No open-toed/heeled shoes (i.e., sandals, flip flops, etc.).
    • No loose, baggy clothing as it can create a safety hazard working around moving parts. In many programs, it is preferred that students wear long pants and shirts with sleeves. Reminder: Students are always expected to follow the school dress code (see: Student Handbook).
    • No stretch pants made of lycra as they are flammable and not appropriate for a CTAE program setting.
    • No hoodies in the CTAE Programs. The hood and strings pose a danger.
    • No earbuds or headphones.
  • Required clothing:
    • ENSATS Freshman Exploratory T-shirt (short or long sleeve)
  • Recommended clothing:
    • While work boots are recommended and preferred for Construction, Animal Science, Plant Science, and Auto based programs, they are not required during the Exploratory Program.

If worn, work boots should be a skid-resistant leather shoe.

  • Jeans with no tears, khakis, Dickies, or work pants.
    • Fitted clothing to avoid being caught in machinery.

Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School will provide each Grade nine student with one (1) pair of safety glasses during their first Career Discovery session. Students are responsible to care for and bring these glasses to each Career Discovery and Exploratory Session. NOTE: prescription glasses generally do not meet ANSI impact standards (Z87 rated lenses), and safety glasses will be required to be worn over prescription glasses. Replacement safety glasses are available for purchase in the CTAE Office (Building B) for $3.00.


Students participating in outdoor CTAE programs are encouraged to apply unscented sun and/or insect repellant as needed.


Food is NOT permitted in the CTAE programs. This is consistent with many industry and occupational mandates and regulations, including but not limited to OSHA. Please notify us of any medical concerns related to this area.

NOTE: While student Career Discovery & Exploratory schedules are developed and distributed during the first quarter of the school year, unforeseen circumstances occasionally arise, necessitating a change to a student’s Career Discovery or Exploratory schedule. It is recommended students dress and plan accordingly. Most especially, students should always have their closed-toe shoes or boots and their safety glasses available during ALL CTAE days.

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