School Committee

The Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School District’s School Committee consists of twenty members, one from each of our 17 sending districts and three representing the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture. School Committee members are appointed by the sending district communities or the Dept. of Agriculture for three-year terms. Contact information for each member is listed below. 
School Committee and subcommittee meetings are held monthly. All public meeting agendas and packets are posted on BoardDocs before the scheduled meeting dates. Subsequent minutes are posted after approval. 

Upcoming Meetings

Meeting DateMeeting TypeMeeting Time
August 11, 2021School Committee9:00 am
September 1, 2021Finance Subcommittee5:00 pm
September 2, 2021Admission Subcommittee8:30 am
September 9, 2021School Committee5:30 pm
September 9, 2021Personnel Subcommittee5:00 pm
September 14, 2021South Campus Subcommittee11;00 am
September 23, 2021Admission Subcommittee8:30 am
October 5, 2021South Campus Subcommittee11:00 am
October 6, 2021Finance Subcommittee5:00 pm
October 14, 2021School Committee5:30 pm
October 14, 2021Alternate Energy Sources Subcommittee4:30 pm
October 14, 2021Policy Subcommittee5:00 pm
October 21, 2021Admissions Subcommittee8:30 am
November 10, 2021Finance Subcommittee5:00
November 18, 2021
Date change to honor Veteran's Day
School Committee5:30 pm
November 18, 2021Personnel Subcommittee5:00 pm
December 1, 2021Finance Subcommittee5:00 pm
December 7, 2021South Campus Subcommittee11:00 am
December 9, 2021Policy Subcommittee5:00 pm
December 9, 2021Alternative Energy Sources Subcommittee4:30 pm
December 9, 2021School Committee5:30 pm
December 16, 2021Admission Subcommittee8:30 am
January 5, 2022Finance Subcommittee5:00 pm
January 6, 2022Admission Subcommittee8:30 am
January 13, 2022School Committee5:30 pm
February 2, 2022Finance Subcommittee5:00 pm
February 3, 2022Admission Subcommittee8:30 am
February 8, 2022South Campus Subcommittee11:00 am
February 10, 2022Personnel Subcommittee5:00 pm
February 10, 2022School Committee5:30 pm
February 10, 2022Alternative Energy Sources Subcommittee4:30 pm
March 2, 2022Finance Subcommittee5:00 pm
March 3, 2022Admission Subcommittee8:30 am
March 10, 2022Policy Subcommittee5:00 pm
March 10, 2022School Committee5:30 pm
April 5, 2022South Campus Subcommittee11:00 am
April 6, 2022Finance Subcommittee5:00 pm
April 7, 2022Admission Subcommittee8:30 am
April 14, 2022Alternative Energy Sources Subcommittee4:30 pm
April 14, 2022School Committee5:30 pm
April 14, 2022Personnel Subcommittee5:00 pm
May 4, 2022Finance Subcommittee5:00 pm
May 5, 2022Admission Subcommittee8:30 am
May 12, 2022Policy Subcommittee5:00 pm
May 12, 2022School Committee5:30 pm
June 1, 2022Finance Subcommittee5:00 pm
June 7, 2022South Campus Subcommittee11:00 am
June 9, 2022School Committee5:30 pm
June 16, 2022Alternative Energy Sources Subcommittee4:30 pm

District School Committee Representatives

Student representatives 

Sarah Bacci 

Sarah Bacci is a senior in Environmental Technology Program.  She is a three-season athlete for the Hawks, running cross country, winter track, and spring track.

Sarah is also a co-leader of an after school program called Cru.  Cru is an international, faith-based organization, where all students from any faith are welcome. Cru provides students with a safe space for spiritual growth. 

Sarah is thankful for all the opportunities Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School has provided to her.  She is planning on continuing her education in college after graduating next year.



Photo CommunityContact Information
Dept. of AgricultureJames P. O'Brien
[email protected]
24 Cottage Street, Peabody 01960
(978) 532-5036
Finance Subcommittee
Alternative Energy Sources Subcommittee
Admissions Committee
Dept. of AgricultureFrancis A. Di Luna
[email protected]
80 Killam Hill Road, Boxford 01921
(617) 283-7905
Personnel Subcommittee, Chairperson
Dept. of AgricultureSteven Flynn, Sr.
[email protected]
177 Millvale Road, Haverhill 01830
(508) 641-3077
Policy Subcommittee
BeverlyPaul Manzo
[email protected]
89 Lovett Street, Beverly 01915
(978) 927-9912
Policy Subcommittee
Admissions Committee
BoxfordPaul Worth
[email protected]
2 Whittier Terrace, Boxford 01921
Personnel Subcommittee
DanversWayne P. Marquis, Vice Chair Person
[email protected]
19 Neal Road, Danvers 01923
(978) 777-0797
Finance Subcommittee, Vice Chair Person,
South Campus Assessment, Negotiations, Admissions and Capital Planning Specialty Committee
EssexAlva Ingaharro [email protected]
93 Martin Street, Essex 01929
(938) 930-4717
Policy Subcommittee
GloucesterValerie H. Gilman
[email protected]
75 Revere Street, Gloucester 01930
(978) 621-4682
Personnel Subcommittee
Admissions Committee (Vice Chair)
HamiltonWilliam C. Lannon, III
[email protected]
56 Lincoln Avenue, S. Hamilton 01982
(508) 631-7425
Personnel Subcommittee
LynnfieldGary F. Hathaway
[email protected]
6 Wirthmore Lane, Lynnfield 01940
(781) 956-6653
Finance Subcommittee
Larkin Cottage Renovation Specialty Committee
Manchester-by-the-SeaJeffrey Delaney
[email protected]
10 Ancient County Way, Manchester-by-the-Sea 01944
(978) 526-1402 (h)
(508) 284-4707 (c)
Policy Subcommittee, Vice Chairperson
MarbleheadMark B. Strout, Chairperson
[email protected]
40 Maple Street, Marblehead 01945
(781) 639-1396
Finance, Policy, Peronnel, Subcommittees, Ex Officio
South Campus Assessment, Negotiations, Larkin Cottage Renovation, Alternative Energy Sources and Admissions Committees
MiddletonAlexandra Liteplo
[email protected]
146 Liberty Street, Middleton 01949
(201) 787-0653
Policy Subcommittee, Chairperson
NahantRoxanne Schena
[email protected]
173 Wilson Road, Nahant 01908
(781) 572-2075
Policy Subcommittee
PeabodyBeverley Ann Griffin Dunne, Secretary
[email protected]
10 Colfax Street, Peabody  01960
(978) 531-2427
Personnel Subcommittee, Vice Chairperson
Admissions Committee (Chair)
RockportBruce Perkins
[email protected]
1 Shetland Road, Rockport 01966
(978) 846-2356
Finance Subcommittee, Chairperson
South Campus Assessment Specialty Committee
Admissions Committee
SalemDr. James Picone
[email protected]
25 Beach Avenue, Salem 01970
(978) 744-3857
Finance Subcommittee
Negotiations, Admissions, and Alternative Energy Sources Subcommittee (Vice Chair)
SwampscottAlice McDonald
[email protected]
25 Swampscott Avenue, Swampscott 01907
(781) 581-8595
Personnel Subcommittee
TopsfieldDavid Symmes
[email protected]
14 Brookside Road, Topsfield, 01983
(978) 509-9509
Policy Subcommittee
WenhamJohn Bucco
[email protected]
73 Topsfield Road, Wenham 01984
(978) 468-4648
Policy Subcommittee
Superintendent-Director Heidi T. Riccio, Ed.D.
[email protected]
Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School District
562 Maple Street, Hathorne 01937
(978) 304-4700 x7102
Business ManagerMarie Znamierowski
[email protected]
Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School District
562 Maple Street, Hathorne 01937
(978) 304-4700 x7201
District TreasurerKathleen S. McMahon
[email protected]
Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School District
562 Maple Street, Hathorne 01937
(978) 304-4700 x7202
Recording SecretaryLisa Coults
[email protected]
4 Presidential Circle, Beverly 01915
(978) 921-1377