Agreements & Contracts

The Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School District holds contractual agreements with administrators, other positions, three collective bargaining units, and other agreements. The contracts are below.

Individual Administrator Contracts

Name, PositionContractContract AddendumJob Description
Bonnie Carr, Director of Workforce Development ContactJob Description
Grace Clarke, Manager of Food ServicesContract Job Description
Donald Gibson, Assistant PrincipalContractJob Description
Shannon Donnelly, PrincipalContractAddendumJob Description
Donald Ducharme, Director of Career & Technical Education EastContractJob Description
Sandra Goldstein, Director of GuidanceContractJob Description
Kathleen Holman, Director of Human ResourcesContractJob Description
Joseph Marino, Interim Director of TechnologyContractJob Description
Janet Norris, Director of Special EducationContractJob Description
Thomas O’Toole, Director of Academic ProgramsContractAddendumJob Description
Heidi Riccio, Superintendent-DirectorContract Job Description
Kathleen Russo, Manager of TransportationContract Job Description
Jill Sawyer, Director of Career & Technical Education WestContractJob Description
Jennifer Skane, Assistant PrincipalContractAddendumJob Description
Joel Spruance, Assistant Principal Grade 9 & Admissions CoordinatorContractAddendumJob Description
Joseph St. Pierre, Director of Facilities, Farm, and Grounds ContractAddendumJob Description
Susan Stevens, Coordinator of Special EducationContract Job Description
Marie Znamierowski, Business ManagerContractJob Description

Other Positions 

NamePosition Job Description
Lisa BerubeCooperative Education Coordinator*Job Description
Farah LalliAthletic Director*Job Description
Cammy GansenbergTeacher Induction Supervisor*Job Description

*These positions are part of the Hathorne Teachers Federation, Local 1269, AFT, but are quasi-administrative roles.

Collective BARGAINING Unit Agreements

Teacher UnitHathorne Teacher Federation (HTF), Local 1269, American Federation of Teachers (AFT)Agreement
General UnitAmerican Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), Local 245 Agreement
Bus UnitAmerican Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), Local 245 Agreement

Other Agreements

Description Agreement
Educator Evaluation Agreement Agreement