Advanced Manufacturing


Mr. Benjamin Clarke.


Advanced Manufacturing provides training and work experience across a broad spectrum of manufacturing equipment. Students learn how to manufacture and inspect parts out of metals and other various materials using manual and CNC lathes, milling machines and grinders. They learn to inspect their parts using sophisticated gauging and Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) to tolerances within .0001 of an inch. Students learn to design components on Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for parts used for complex machinery for all industries, including locally; aerospace, medical, semiconductor and area research, and development that require precision design, manufacturing, and assembly using principles of engineering.

Career Paths

  • Precision Machinist
  • CNC Set-up Programmer
  • Tool and Die Maker
  • Production Manufacturing
  • Machinist/Mechanic
  • Research and Development


  • OSHA 10 Hour General Industry
  • Manufacturing Advancement Center
  • Workforce Innovation Collaborative

Industry Partnerships

  • Synventive Modeling Solutions
  • Auto Industrial Machine
  • Snyder Machine
  • Compumachine
  • SkillsUSA

Articulation Agreement

  • Central Maine Community College
  • Massachusetts Statewide Community College

Meeting Documents

Advisory Committee Members

Charlie Anastos, Harmonic Drive
Bruce Boisselle, Whittier Tech
Elaine Brown, Inkcups Now
Tracey Cahalane, Microline Surgical
Paul Coz, Gortons (Paul Soucy)
John Donald, Raytheon, Co.
Barbara Dunn, Elevator Interior Design
John Flinn, Innovent Technologies
Robert Franklin, General Electric
Gina Frey, North Shore Community Action Programs
Paul Hoff, Crystal Engineering
Chip Holm, Specialized Turning
Bailey Kaplan, Synventive
Andrea Kelly, Harmonic Drive
Bob Laurano, Yarde Metals
John Macdonald, Paradigm Precision
Kim McFarlane, Lynn Vocational Technical School
Bill Marnik, General Electric
Peter Meymaris, Crystal Engineering
Paul Moskevitz, Whittier Tech
Mike Munday, Arwood Machine Corp
Brian Norris, NAMC
Kate O’Malley, MASSHire
Rich Oliver, Oliver Welding & Fabricating Inc.
Dianne Palter Gill, North Shore Community College
Celina Pendexter, Commonwealth of MA
Christopher Phelps, Synventive
Ashley Ritchie, General Electric
Sandro Russo, Prattville Machine
Mary Sarris, MASS Hire
Wayne Spritz, AW Chesterton Company
Christopher Stempek, Arwood Machine Corp
Michelle Stracqualursi, Salem Metal, Inc.
Helene VanDernoot, Corporate Training Solutions