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Class of 2026

Meet the Class Advisor

Joseph Giordano

Mr. Joseph Giordano

Common Strands Teacher

Class Dues

Class Dues are essential to support the various activities and events that we plan throughout the year. These dues help us to cover the costs associated with class meetings, fundraisers, social events, and senior activities. Some of the specific expenses that your dues will go towards include decorations, refreshments, and supplies for events. By paying your dues, you are helping to ensure that we can continue to provide a wide range of opportunities for the class to come together and create lasting memories. Thank you for your support!

Class Dues are a total of $200 ($50 per year) per student. Class Dues can be paid via check to your Class Advisors directly or to the main office. Please make checks payable to ENSATS Class of 2026.

A board in the library decorated for Kindness Week.
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