Program of Studies

The full Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School Program of Studies is available here.

Course Structure

All courses offered at Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School are college preparatory so that all students are college and career ready. Courses are structured using the following delineations:

College Preparatory

College Preparatory is designed for college-bound and career-oriented students. The curriculum develops critical skills for college and career readiness and moves at a pace that focuses on content and skills essential to succeed after high school. Students will complete assignments independently and in small groups in a structured class environment and will have homework assignments and projects that extend concepts and skills practiced in class.

Accelerated College Preparatory

Accelerated College Preparatory is designed for students preparing for two- and four-year colleges. The curriculum develops critical skills for college and career readiness and moves at a moderate pace. Students should evidence a solid interest in learning and work well independently and in groups with teacher direction. Students are capable and willing to put time and effort into their assignments. These courses require daily homework, longer term projects, and consistent participation in various class activities. (ACP level courses are available only for grades 10-12 effective School Year 2022-23).


This level is the most academically challenging of the three college preparatory levels, and it moves at a rigorous pace with nightly homework as well as independent projects. Students in honors courses should possess a strong interest in learning and have a high level of intellectual curiosity. Students are expected to be self-motivated and work well with others. Homework is required to be done on time to ensure participation in daily class discussions.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement courses require students to apply advanced critical thinking and analytical skills that are typical of comparable college-level courses. This guiding Advanced Placement enrollment policy holds true for all Advanced Placement courses and exams, regardless of the grade level in which a student takes Advanced Placement coursework. Advanced Placement courses are specifically designed to provide challenging, college-level coursework for willing and academically prepared high school students. The amount of homework, independent research and reading is significantly more than in other courses. Students are expected to take the Advanced Placement exam in the spring. Advanced Placement courses follow specific guidelines and requirements set forth by the College Board.  Students taking Advanced Placement courses are required to sign and return this Advanced Placement Student & Parent/Guardian Contract. For more information visit the AP Central website:

Early College Courses

An Early College course will be collaboratively taught by a team of ENSATS instructor(s) and North Shore Community College faculty.  Learning will take place on both the ENSATS and NSCC campuses throughout the term of the course (transportation provided). Successful completion of an early college course will result in students earning both ENSATS high-school credit and NSCC college credit. 

District Curriculum Accommodation Plan

Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School is an inclusive school where diversities of all types, including learning differences, are respected and embraced. We recognize that all students have individual learning needs. Our classroom instruction is designed to provide all learners with access to our curricula. Our District Curriculum Accommodation Plan (DCAP) describes accommodations that are available for all students.

State College Standards

This Guide outlines the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education minimum standards for admission to the Commonwealth’s four-year public institutions.