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Dear ENSATS Community, 

We hope everyone is having a great and relaxing summer. We are excited to inform families that ENSATS online uniform stores will be open beginning Friday, July 28, 2023 (Please note the links to the store below will not go live until Friday, July 28th).

VERY IMPORTANT: The online stores will only be open from July 28th-August 11th to purchase uniforms. Please note that there is a processing period when uniforms are being printed, and these will not be processed until the store closes. Therefore, the shipping date of uniforms will be approximately August 31, 2023. It is extremely important for students/families to honor these dates if they are in need of new uniforms. Per the student handbook, parents and students should be aware that the dress code and personal protective equipment (safety glasses …etc.) are mandated by Massachusetts state law and OSHA regulations. All agricultural and technical high schools in the state of Massachusetts follow OSHA standards and regulations. As a result, uniforms are a necessary part of the safety of your child. Whether it is work boots or safety glasses, or un-torn jeans, they are all intended to keep your child safe. Additionally, this year all grade 9 students will be required to wear uniforms during Exploratory (exploratory-specific t-shirt, untorn jeans or work pants, and closed-toed shoes/rubber soled shoes). Each grade 9 student will receive one Exploratory T-shirt at orientation but can purchase additional shirts through the uniform store. Ninth graders do not need to purchase program-specific uniforms until January when they select their program and the store will reopen. 

There are two stores to accommodate all of our CTAE programs. The stores and programs that they serve are listed below. Please review the Uniform Requirements link below for the required uniform for each CTAE program. If your student’s current uniforms are in good condition, they do not need to purchase new uniforms. The expectation is that students will start the school year prepared with their full uniform. The first three days of school are a Blue Cycle (10th & 12th graders will be in their CTAE program). We are confident that having the online store will provide a convenient way for families to purchase uniforms for the 2022-2023 school year. Lastly, the uniform stores will reopen in January when grade 9 students enter their CTAE programs. 

Please note that the uniform stores have additional CTAE program-specific swag that is available for purchase but is not a part of the uniform; therefore, it is important to review the uniform requirements for your student’s CTAE program.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding CTAE uniforms, please contact Jill Sawyer, jsawyer@essextech.net. We look forward to a successful school year at Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School. 

Uniform Requirements


Jungle Stuff, Inc.


Carpentry Landscaping & Turf Management
Companion AnimalsMasonry & Tile Setting
Design & Media CommunicationsNatural & Environmental Sciences
ElectricalSustainable Horticulture
Engineering & Automation Technology 
Equine Science  

Universal Screening Studio


Advanced ManufacturingDental Assisting
ArboricultureFreshman Exploratory
Automotive Collision Repair & RefinishingHealth Assisting
Automotive TechnologyHVAC/Refrigeration 
BiotechnologyInformation Technology Services
Construction Craft LaborersPlumbing
CosmetologyVeterinary Science
Culinary Arts & Hospitality 


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