Honor Roll Quarter Two

Congratulations to the following students who have earned the Honors distinction for demonstrating Academic and Career & Technical excellence during Quarter 2 of the 2021-2022 school year.

Course NumberNameCreditGrade Level
am101Advanced Manufacturing Exploratory 91Grade 9
am103Advanced Manufacturing 910Grade 9
am200Advanced Manufacturing 1016Grade 10
am201Advanced Manufacturing Theory 104Grade 10
am300Advanced Manufacturing 1120Grade 11
am301Advanced Manufacturing Theory 114Grade 11
am305Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Education 1112Grade 11
pmet301CTAE Pathway: Communication & Career Essentials2Grade 11
pmet302CTAE Pathway: Business Finance Professional Financial Literacy2Grade 11
am400Advanced Manufacturing 1220Grade 12
am401Advanced Manufacturing Theory 124Grade 12
am405Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Education 1224Grade 12
pmet401CTAE Pathway: Civic Humanitarianism2Grade 12
pmet402CTAE Pathway: Professional Portfolio Presentation2Grade 12

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