Weekly Message from ENSATS 2/5/2021

Good Evening Caregivers & Students:

This has been an exciting week for our Grade 9 students as they began their final Exploratory week and made their CTE selections.  This big moment will set them on their career path, and we are excited for them as they go through this process.  We would like to thank the CTE teachers, Counselors, Liaisons, and Administrators who have been instrumental in making the Grade 9 Exploratory process run smoothly and who have supported our students with this decision.  Parents/caregivers should receive an email from courseselection@essextech.net this evening with their child’s CTE Program Selection rankings. Parents/Caregivers are asked to review and sign this electronic approval form BY SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2021 by 5:00 pm.  

NOTE: Only one Approval Form is emailed per student. Please check other caregiver emails and your junk mail should a parent/caregiver not initially find our communication.  If one parent/caregiver has not received our email by tomorrow (Saturday) morning, please email courseselection@essextech.net with your child’s’ name and the parent/caregiver name.


Here again, is the link to the ENSATS COVID Dashboard.  This dashboard is updated at the close of every week. We will provide the link in our weekly emails, but you can also find it on the Families page of our website in the COVID-19 section.


Here is a quick preview of the schedule for this coming week.

Monday, February 8 Day 9: Green On-Campus: Grade 11 CTE & Grade 10 Academics

Remote: Grade 9 CTE & Grade 12 Academics

Tuesday, February 9 Day 10: Green On-Campus: Grade 9 CTE & Grade 12 Academics

Remote: Grade 11 CTE & Grade 10 Academics

Wednesday, February 10

8:45 am Late Start

Day 1:  Blue On-Campus: Grade 9 Academics & Grade 12 CTE

Remote: Grade 11Academics & Grade 10 CTE

Thursday, February 11 Day 2: Blue On-Campus: Grade 11 Academics & Grade 10 CTE

Remote: Grade 9 Academics & Grade 12 CTE

Friday, February 12 Day 3: Blue On-Campus: Grade 9 Academics & Grade 12 CTE

Remote: Grade 11 Academics & Grade 10 CTE


Pool Testing

As an update from last week’s email, we will not be offering pool testing here at Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School. Thank you to all those that completed the survey. Upon review of multiple data points including our low transmission and close contact rates, it does not seem to be the best decision for our district.



We wanted to clarify that when grades are recorded as “Incomplete” in Schoology, they do not factor as zeros in the overall average.  If these assignments are not made up and become zeros, it will negatively impact the student’s average.

Our Information Technology Department has provided information for caregivers who would like to view their child’s Schoology account.  To access your student’s Schoology progress you will need to create an account following the directions below.

Before getting started creating the account, you will need to log into Aspen to locate your student’s “Schoology Access Code.”

  • This access code can be found in Aspen under the ‘Families’ top-tab, ‘Details’ side-tab, then the ‘Technology’ sub-tab.
  • We suggest copying the code so it can be pasted directly into Schoology when prompted for it and then go to the following link:


  • Once you have created your account and added your student’s access code, you can review the Schoology Parent Guide below on how to navigate the system:


  • In addition, we have created a video tutorial for parents on how to navigate Schoology that may be beneficial to watch and is linked below:



Change to 5:45 Late Buses

Due to the limited number of students that are taking the 5:45 pm late bus, beginning Monday, February 1st we will be running four late buses rather than eight. Any student who needs transportation home on the late bus will still be accommodated.  Please note: Students will still be required to sign up for the late bus by 10:00 am using our online form to ensure that there is a bus traveling to their town.


Activities: Week of February 1, 2021

Please review the following document for information about activities for the Week of February 8, 2021.





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Picture of the Week

Mrs. Kelly, our amazing receptionist, is proud to show off the brand new signage at our Main Entrance.  Some of our students and visitors were having a little trouble locating the buzzer, so Ms. Kelly asked for some signage to make things a little more clear.  Our Director of Facilities, Farm and Grounds, Mr. St. Pierre came to the rescue with help from White Light Visual in Beverly. Thank you both!


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