Message from ENSATS 1/22/2021

Good Evening Caregivers & Students:


As we prepare for the final week of January this coming week, we will also reach the last week of Quarter 2.  That said, we encourage all students to review Schoology and Aspen and complete any missing work.  In addition, please contact teachers if you need assistance.


Once again, here is the link to the ENSATS COVID Dashboard.  This dashboard is updated at the close of every week. We will provide the link in our weekly emails, but you can also find it on the Families page of our website in the COVID-19 section.


Here is a quick preview of the schedule for this coming week.

Monday, January 25 Day 9: Green On-Campus: Grade 9 CTE & Grade 12 Academics

Remote: Grade 11 CTE & Grade 10 Academics

Tuesday, January 26 Day 10: Green On-Campus: Grade 11 CTE & Grade 10 Academics

Remote: Grade 9 CTE & Grade 12 Academics

Wednesday, January 27

10:20 am Late Start

Day 1: Blue On-Campus: Grade 11 Academics & Grade 10 CTE

Remote: Grade 9 Academics & Grade 12 Academics

Thursday, January 28 Day 2: Blue On-Campus: Grade 9 Academics & Grade 12 CTE

Remote: Grade 11 Academics & Grade 10 CTE

Friday, January 29 Day 3: Blue On-Campus: Grade 11 Academics  & Grade 10 CTE

Remote: Grade 9 Academics & Grade 12 CTE


Late Start on Wednesday

Wednesday, January 27th will be a TWO HOUR late start, so that we can offer to staff extended professional development. Bus pick-up times are listed in the “Late-Start Time” column on Bus Routes that are posted on the Transportation page of the school website.  Student drivers and those students who are dropped off should arrive no earlier than 10:00 am.  Seniors who have first lunch can arrive after first lunch at 10:51 am.  The order of periods for the Late-Start day will be C, D, E.  A and B blocks do not meet that day.


Grade 9 CTE Letter

It is hard to believe that our grade 9 students will be selecting their CTE area soon.  I am sure they are just as excited as we are!  Here is the letter that was sent from our Grade 9 Counselors last week.  It contains several important dates and information about the CTE selection process.


School Day SAT

For more information regarding the School Day SAT that will be offered on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, please see the following letter that was sent home last week.  School Day SAT


Letter to Governor Baker

The North Shore Superintendents, in collaboration with the Union Leadership from each school district, submitted a letter to Governor Baker today requesting that educators be reclassified and made eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccinations during Phase I of the vaccination process.  Teachers and staff have been working hard to provide quality instruction and maintain safety protocols. As a result of their efforts and the great work of our students, we have had a small number of close contacts inside the school building since reopening in September.  We believe that the vaccination movement into Phase I will allow us to expand opportunities to have more students on campus in the future.


Letter from Representative Bradford Hill

State Representative Hill is an important advocate for our students.  Please review his letter regarding funding for education.


Guest Speakers

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting both student and parent sessions related to equity, inclusion, anxiety, coping skills, addiction, and making good choices!  Dr. Adolph Brown will be coming to us virtually as well as Lynn Lyons and Chris Herren. Thanks to competitive grants we have received, these presentations will be offered during the school day and in the evening. Stay tuned for additional information with dates and times.


Activities: Week of January 18, 2021

Please review the following document for information about activities for the Week of January 25, 2021.





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Pictures of the Week

Grade 9 Dental Assisting Exploratory students learning skills!

Grade 9 Dental Assisting Exploratory students learning skills!

You may be wondering what our staff does on Wednesday late-start openings! Well, we collaborate. Service-related teachers are discussing what courses our CTE students need to be prepared for the future workforce! Yes, we talked about a course titled, Corporate Citizenship, “How to be a good human.”

Service Cluster

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