Weekly Message from ENSATS 10/2/2020

Good Evening Caregivers & Students,


Friday morning sunrise at Essex Tech.  We are so fortunate to work and learn in such a beautiful place.

Sunrise over the barn

While we understand that there are many new protocols due to COVID-19 and teaching and learning this year look somewhat different, we want to remind everyone that all of these plans are in place to keep our students and staff safe.   Our students are doing a good job wearing masks. We need our students to be more aware of proper social distancing, especially during mask breaks and hallway passing times. It is imperative as we move into October that all students adhere to social distancing rules during these times.  We have noted that there is greater compliance and cooperation during the days that Grade 9 and 12 students are on campus.  We appreciate your help!   As a resource, please review this CDC guidance related to masks. We do have some members that have an exemption due to health considerations. In that case, extra distancing is occurring as indicated through CDC guidelines.


Here is a quick preview of the schedule for this coming week.

Monday, October 5 Day 4: Blue On-Campus: Grade 11 Academics & Grade 10 CTE

Remote: Grade 9 Academics & Grade 12 CTE

Tuesday, October 6 Day 5: Blue On-Campus: Grade 9 Academics & Grade 12 CTE

Remote: Grade 11 CTE & Grade 10 Academics

Wednesday, October 7

8:45 am Late Start

Day 6: Green On-Campus: Grade 9 CTE & Grade 12 Academics

Remote: Grade 11 CTE & Grade 10 Academics

Thursday, October 8 Day 7: Green On-Campus: Grade 11 CTE & Grade 10 Academics

Remote: Grade 9 CTE & Grade 12 Academics

Friday, October 9 No School


Required Information

All families will receive an email with a SNAP code and a link to our Required Information Form this weekend. This form will allow you to complete all required documents and signoffs online using one form.  The online form will include:

  • Student Biographical Information
  • Family/Emergency Information
  • Medical Information
  • Directory Information
  • Student Handbook
  • Technology Responsible Use Policy

We ask that each family complete the Required Information Form by Friday, October 9, 2020. Families of new students should complete this form even though you have recently completed admissions paperwork to ensure that we have all the necessary information and sign-offs.


Hats, Hoods, and IDs

In order to improve safety and security in our building, hats and hoods are not permitted.  Students should promptly remove their hat or hood when they enter the building.  In addition, student IDs should be worn and visible at all times while in the school building, unless a student is working with equipment and the ID will pose a safety hazard.


Student Arrival

In order to prevent traffic congestion at the Main Entrance in the morning, the buses will make a loop around the building with multiple stops.  We ask that students get off the bus at the location closest to their first-block class.  By spreading out the entrance points for students we can better maintain social distance.


Lost and Found

There are several items in our lost and found that were left behind when the school closed last March.  Students who are missing items should check the lost and found located in the Main Office.  Any items or clothing left by October 8th will be donated.



For Sophomores and Juniors interested in taking the PSATs on Saturday, October 17th.  Please review the following PSAT information regarding registration, cost, and requirements.


Schoology Parent Accounts

We are pleased to announce that this year we have adopted the use of Schoology, which is an online course management system. The implementation of Schoology will be a one-year-long rollout, which means some teachers may still opt to use either Google classroom or Aspen this school year.  Schoology will allow you to track your student’s course materials, grades, and progress. Caregivers can now access Schoology by creating their own accounts. Before getting started, you will need to log into Aspen to locate your student’s “Schoology Access Code.”  This access code can be found in Aspen under the Families top-tab, Details side-tab, Technology tab.  Once you have that code, please follow these directions to create your Schoology account. If you have any questions, please email aspenhelp@essextech.net.


Attendance Information

As a reminder, when students are tardy to school on in-person school days they should stop at the tardy desk in the Main Lobby to get checked in between 7:50 and 9:00 am. Students who are tardy after 9:00 am should report to the Assistant Principal’s office to be checked in.  Students should be prepared with their school ID and know which class they are heading to in order to expedite the check-in process.

Students who are tardy on remote school days during first period should have their first-period teacher mark them as tardy upon their arrival. Students who are tardy after first period on remote days should complete this form (also located on the Families page of the website) so that the office can mark you as tardy rather than absent.

Students that need to be dismissed during the school day can now inform the school via email. We ask that caregivers email the school at attendance@essextech.net with their full name, the student’s full name, student’s grade level, reason, dismissal time, and reentry time (if applicable).


Updated Calendar

We have again adjusted the school calendar for the 2020-21 school year. The most recent version of the calendar, as well as the hybrid learning schedules for each grade, are available on the Calendar page of our website at https://essexnorthshore.org/calendar/.


Keep your distance  Wash your hands Stay Safe



Heidi T. Riccio, Ed.D., Superintendent-Director
Shannon Donnelly, M.A.T., Principal
Thomas O’Toole, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent

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