Weekly Email from ENSATS 7/31/2020

Good Evening Caregivers and Students!

We hope you are enjoying the warm weather and get some relief in the next week from the heatwave!  This week has been a busy week for the Essex North Shore team. We completed the following:


  1. ENSATS submitted our DRAFT School Reopening Plan to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MA DESE) on July 30, 2020.
  2. ENSATS will present the DRAFT plan to our district school committee on August 6, 2020. The specific plan for us to begin the school year will be determined at the local level which is our District School Committee.
  3. After feedback from staff, we produced a third Hybrid option. This is included in the plan.
  4. ENSATS completed two grants to support our reopening which includes $269K for reopening the building and $32K for student support related to the earning of industry-recognized credentials.
  5. Graduation is scheduled for August 1, 2020!  We are excited to see students back on campus.
  6. The state budget will be revised where we will receive updated numbers as we move into the last month before school.
  7. Our school calendar will be changing due to Commissioner Riley’s new information related to a 10-day training schedule for faculty and staff. We will provide you with specifics next week.
  8. Our first Freshman Summer Academy is starting in two weeks! This will help students who need academic assistance before returning in September. An email with specific details was sent from Dr. Thomas O’Toole yesterday.
  9. Continue to check in with your child on summer reading! There are some great life lessons in both selections!


As a reminder, we will be hosting a presentation on August 4th at 5:00 pm via Zoom. This is limited to 500 attendees and we will determine additional time slots, if needed. There will be a chat only section for questions. Please note, we will answer all questions we are able to. The link is: https://essexnorthshore.zoom.us/j/87256614156

We are appreciative of your support!



Heidi T. Riccio, Ed.D., Superintendent-Director
Shannon Donnelly, M.A.T., Principal
Thomas O’Toole, Ed.D., Asst. Superintendent

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