Uniform Protocol

The email below was sent to Sophomore, Junior, and Senior families on Thursday, July 26, 2018.

This information does not apply to freshman.


Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School has adopted required uniforms in each career and technical program for the 2018/2019 school year.  Please note that most programs require uniforms already. We consider the CTE programs as places of employment. We are preparing our students for the world of work in both technical skills and employability skills.  Safety and uniforms are an integral part of this work. Uniform requirements are now set forth in the Student Handbook. Some of the key components of the CTE Uniform Requirements are as follows:

  • Students are required to wear the uniform of the program each day of the Career and Technical Education week.
  • Parents will be contacted to bring missing uniform pieces to the school so students can participate in the program.  The student will be subject to consequences as outlined in the student handbook.
  • Safety glasses are required to be worn where applicable.  Students with prescription glasses must wear over the glasses safety glasses unless students have ANSI rated safety lenses and side shields.  (documentation required from eye glass manufacturer)
  • Program specific safety gear, rules, and uniform as outlined by shop/program instructors must be followed.

Each program has a program specific t-shirt or polo shirt.  Health science programs (Health, Dental, Biotech) wear program specific scrubs. Please order uniform shirts or scrub sets and optional attire using this form.  https://goo.gl/b1kwPC Cosmetology and Culinary Arts uniforms will be ordered separately. Please see the attached Uniform Procedure document.

All orders are due no later than August 9, 2018.  



Kathleen M. Holman RN, MSN

Don Ducharme

Director of Career & Technical Education Director of Career & Technical Education


Proper uniform is also important in teaching your child key employability skills that will take them into the workforce at an advantage to others.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Further, all vocational schools in the state of Massachusetts teach employability skills as part of their technical program. These employability skills include professionalism, presentation skills, and appropriate dress. This is a teachable skill and Essex Tech takes pride in training our students for the workforce.

Please note the following:  ALL students are expected to enter first block in full uniform during their CTE program week.  ALL students have been assigned an appropriate locker. It is the student’s responsibility to secure their belongings in their assigned locker with a lock.

The handbook clearly states infractions to the uniform policy.  If a student is not prepared for class, a phone call will be made immediately and the parent/guardian will be asked to bring the uniform in for the child to participate.  Detention and further actions may be taken pending repetitive infractions. We strongly encourage parents to communicate with their child the importance of their uniform to workplace skill development.

**Students that need financial assistance should contact the appropriate director at 978-304-4700.

If there are questions related to this, please contact the program instructor.


CTE Program Uniform Requirement Tools
Automotive Collision Repair Un-torn blue jeans or Dickie™ navy blue work pants, work boots, program specific t-shirt or crew neck sweatshirt, safety glasses Not Applicable
Automotive Technology Navy blue Dickie™ work pants, program specific navy blue shirt, navy blue crew neck sweatshirt (no hoodies), work boots, safety glasses
Biotechnology Lab coat, safety glasses, program specific scrubs, closed toe shoes. 100 page spiral bound duplicate lab notebook
Carpentry Un-torn jeans, program specific shirt, work boots, safety glasses
Cosmetology Program specific black scrubs, black program specific shirt, black smock, black or white running or walking sneaker. Tool Kit
Culinary Arts Chef Coat, Black Chef Pants, Chalk Striped Apron, Black Chef Hat, Close-Toed Shoes Not Applicable
Electrical Un-torn jeans, work boots, safety glasses, program specific shirt and/or crewneck sweatshirt. No hoodies or hats. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzQXXUgd4_3bOTJOWHdvdm1LbUU/view?usp=sharing
Graphic Communications Clean un-torn jeans; program specific t-shirt and crew neck sweatshirt.
Health Assisting Program specific navy blue scrubs, sneakers, closed back clogs, no crocs
HVAC/R Un-torn jeans, work boots, safety glasses, program specific shirt
Freshman Exploratory Safety glasses, work boots, un-torn jeans, khakis, safety glasses Not Applicable
Equine Studies Jeans or riding pants, program specific shirt, weather appropriate clothing (rain/snow – hats gloves) Boot with heel for riding or tall barn style or hiking/work boot for barn Not Applicable
Environmental Technology Hiking/work boots, weather-appropriate gear: Rain/snow jackets; program specific t-shirt un-torn jeans or other work-type pants (Carhartt™ / Dickies™)
Machine Technology Program specific short or long sleeve program shirt, program specific crew neck sweatshirt, un-torn jeans, work boots, safety glasses
Dental Assisting Program specific scrubs, closed toe shoes-skid resistant, hair pulled away from face
Vet Science Program specific Scrubs, program specific t-shirt, work boots, weather-appropriate clothing, un-torn jeans for outdoor work Not Applicable
Companion Animals Program specific Scrubs for grooming lab, un-torn jeans for training, program specific athletic shirt, vest/sweatshirts for outside work. Rubber soled closed toe shoes, boots for livestock Not Applicable
Natural Resources Work/hiking boots, appropriate weather gear rain/snow,

work pants with no tears, program specific shirt /fleece, gloves & beanie hats, lab coat

Landscaping & Turf Management Appropriate clothing for the daily weather. Program specific shirt / sweatshirt, work boots, safety glasses, work pants (or untorn jeans when allowed.)   Not Applicable
Masonry Steel toe work boots, Tan work pants, program specific shirt, program specific crewneck sweatshirt, safety glasses, (NO HATS ALLOWED) Students need masonry hand tools and tool box (list provided)
Design & Visual Communications No hats, closed toe shoes that are skid resistant, jeans with no tears, program specific shirt
Plumbing Un-torn jeans or mechanic style dark blue pants, work boots, safety glasses, program specific shirt
Sustainable Horticulture Appropriate weather gear rain/snow, work boots, program-specific shirt, slacks or jeans (no shorts, torn pants, legging, or sweats). Hats may only be worn while working outdoors.
Information Technology Program-specific shirt; slacks or jeans (no shorts, torn pants, or sweats). Close-toed shoes. No hats or hoodies. 3” three-ring binder with filler paper or spiral notebook, USB flash drive, headphones or earbuds.
Engineering Technology Program specific polo shirt, Dickie™ work pants, work boots


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