May & June Students and Staff of the Month!

Congratulations to our May and June Students and Staff of the Month:

Grade 9: Karen Tohline (Arboriculture) & Jamison Wrinn (Plumbing) 
Grade 10: Tyler Boudreault (Masonry) & Emily DiThomas (Collision Repair & Refinishing)
Grade 11: Katelyn Raia (Companion Animals) & Laraine Harring (Natural Resource Management)
Grade 12: Jake Cummings (Arboriculture) & Melissa Driscoll (Companion Animals)
Staff: William Rinone (Transportation), the Technology Department (Tammy Rodolico, Joe Marino, Shawn Coppinger, Kathy Kindler, and Michael Cushing), and Mike Zupancic (Mathematics)

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