Post-High School Planning
Dear Parents/Guardians of 10th and 11th Graders,
In an effort to make our post-high school planning night information as accessible as possible we have recorded videos with information to help with your student’s high school planning.
Video 1: Introduction

Video 4: Deadline Definitions, Tours, Common Application and FAFSA

Please know that we are available to assist with whatever questions may come from watching these videos (like how to get parent/guardian access to naviance).  Our contact information is posted on the introduction, but we have also posted it below.  Given that this is a new approach for communicating with families we would greatly appreciate your feedback on the brief survey attached as well.
Mrs. O’Donnell; Animal and Plant Program
Currently, Ms. Daniels is substituting while Mrs. O’Donnell is on maternity leave.
Mrs. Doherty; Technology and Services Programs
Mrs. Montague; Life and Natural Sciences Programs
Mr. Loring; Construction and Technology Programs

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