Essex Tech Hosts Ipswich River Watershed Association

Natural Resource Management hosted the Ipswich River Watershed Association (IRWA) annual volunteer training at school. Sophomores presented to IRWA members and staff about their experiences studying science and nature on the Ipswich River. They discussed hydrology. geology, botany, and wildlife as well as the types of jobs they do such as measuring discharge.

Students answered many questions about identifying invasive species (Riverwatch volunteers will be monitoring invasive species for the first time this year). Juniors and sophomores then helped distribute water testing materials to volunteers and helped newcomers through the calibration of technical equipment and the procedure for dissolved oxygen measurement. The event was a big success for volunteers and students.

Grade 11 Students: Charlotte Charek (Wenham), Laraine Harring (Billerica), Maiyah Fleurial (Lynn), Katie Westbrook (Methuen)

Grade 10 Students: Carleen Harring (Billerica), Bailey McCaul (Lynn), Abby Jolliffe (Rowley), Nicholas Dunn (Newbury), Kristy Martes (Lawrence), Anna Flanagan (Danvers)

Staff: Paul Crofts,  Laura Gallant,  Ryan O’Donnell Project Coordinator IRWA, Mary Landry 

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