Newest Electrical Licensees – Zachary Stephanides, Anthony Huntley

The Essex Tech Electrical Program is pleased to announce that TWO members of the class of 2015, Zachary Stephanides and Anthony Huntley, and one member of the class of 2014, John “J.T.” Bisazza, have passed their Journeyman Electrician exam and has become the latest ETHS/NST Alum to earn their license!

Completing the requirements for licensure in Massachusetts requires an apprenticeship of 8000 hours and 600 hours of classroom training. Graduates earn only a portion of this time here at Essex Tech. It takes a great commitment to complete these requirements after graduation and pass the exam.

The Electrical Program and all of Essex Tech is very proud of Zach, Anthony, and J.T. as the latest of many licensed professional electricians to graduate from our program.

Zachary Stephanides is a resident of Salem and is currently employed by Scala Electric of Marblehead.

Anthony Huntley is a resident of Beverly and is currently employed by Roy Spittle Electrical Contractors of Gloucester.

J.T. Bisazza is a resident of Danvers and is currently employed by BLM&C Electrical Corporation of Topsfield.

Way to go, Zach, Anthony, and J.T.!

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