Virtual Back to School Night

We are planning to have a Virtual Parent Night on Thursday, October 14th.  This will give caregivers the opportunity to meet their child’s teachers and learn about class expectations.

For this event, you will need three pieces of information: 

  1. Virtual Parent Night Schedule (for your child’s grade level)
  2. Your child’s schedule from Aspen
  3. The spreadsheet of teacher Zoom links

1. Virtual Parent Night Schedules (by grade)

2. How to access your child’s schedule in Aspen


You can access our Aspen Family Portal from this link. Step-by-step directions on how to access the Aspen Family Portal are available here. If you are unable to access your Aspen account, please email the helpdesk at [email protected]

Once you are logged into Aspen, click the “Family” top-tab, then click on the “Schedule” side-tab.


3. How to Access Teacher Zoom Links

On the spreadsheet below, you will find links to teacher zoom meeting rooms.

  • For academic classes, please click on the teacher’s name in the first column to enter their meeting room.
    • Please note that if a class is co-taught with a special educator, multiple teachers’ names will appear on your child’s Aspen schedule, use the link for the teacher’s name that appears in the academic column. 
  • For CTE classes, please select the link for your child’s CTE program and grade level from the second column. 
  • Curriculum Seminar, Reading Seminar, and Math Seminar teachers will be listed in the Special Education column.
  • To access zoom meetings for Grade 11 and 12 CTE theory classes which will appear in their academic schedule, please look for the teacher’s name in the academic column, not the CTE column.
  • Other Special Education services, such as Specialized Reading, Speech, and Academic Support will not have meetings this evening.  If you have questions about these services, you are welcome to email the Special Educator that meets with your child directly using their first initial and last name (for example [email protected]) or you can contact your child’s Special Education liaison.

Teacher Zoom Links

Backup Teacher Zoom Links