iPad Procedures

General Procedures

  • Before your iPad is lost or stolen, you should ensure that you have “Find my iPad” turned on. This can be checked in Settings > iCloud > Find my iPad > Turn On “Find my iPad” and “Send Last Location”.
  • Apple IDs:
    • You are not required to use a school Apple ID, if you have a personal Apple ID, use that with your iPad.
    • If you choose to use a school Apple ID and a personal Apple ID, you should limit switching between the two accounts. Switching between accounts usually locks you out of your device and makes it difficult for getting your textbooks.
  • If you forgot your iPad at home, or if your iPad is not charged, you can borrow an iPad for the day from the Media Center with your student ID.


Broken iPad / Screen

All school issued iPads have AppleCare+.  If your iPad has broken for any reason, simply bring it to an Apple Store near you and they will replace and/or fix the iPad.  There is a deductible (as there is with any insurance) of $49.  


Lost / Stolen iPad

  • Check Find my iPad online
    • From a computer, browse to www.icloud.com > logon using your Apple ID > Click “Find my iPhone”. This will show you where your iPad is, or where is was last connected to the internet.
    • If you are unable to locate your device in the school, go to the technology office. The technology office will…
      • Check to see if/where the iPad is connected within the school.
      • Inform your academy’s associate principal, academy secretary, and the main office of the missing iPad.
    • If you know your iPad was stolen outside of school, you should file a police report, and submit a copy to the technology office and your academy office.