Information for New Families

Chromebook Distribution 

All students are required to have a Chromebook managed by Essex Tech as their one-to-one learning device. We have multiple sessions available for families to have personal Chromebooks enrolled in the school’s management session or pick up a borrowed Chromebook from the school for the year. These sessions are on August 17, 18, or 22 between 9:00 am – 12:00 pm or 3:00 – 6:00 pm or after freshman orientation on August 25th from 1:00-2:30 pm. All families should plan to attend one of the Chromebook sessions. During these sessions, families bringing their own Chromebooks will be assisted in enrolling their Chromebooks into the Essex Tech management system. Families that are borrowing Chromebooks from the school will fill out a Technology Loan Agreement, pay the technology fee of $50.00, receive the Chromebook, and receive assistance with set up. 

Chromebook Access Information

Dear Class of 2026 Caregivers,

Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School greatly values and integrates technology into all aspects of our curriculum and programming. To achieve this, our students are required to use Google Chromebooks as their 1-to-1 device to access many technology-based resources and tools. We strongly believe that the use of Chromebooks in our classrooms and CTAE areas will further enhance learning for students in all settings.

Chromebook Information

Access Options: In order to ensure equal technology access for all students, we offer two options for families to pick from to access a Chromebook, outlined below. You will indicate your access option through the PowerSchool online “New Student Registration Form”.

Bring your own:

You may purchase your own Chromebook from any retailer and use it at ENSATS or use a Chromebook you already have.

  1. This option allows you to conduct your own research and select a model that best fits your child’s needs. We highly recommend referring to Google’s Auto Update Policy for Chromebooks, which specifies when Google will stop Chromebooks from receiving updates. Students are required to have a Chromebook that is still receiving regular Google updates. This date is typically four or five years after the device is originally manufactured.
  2. If you are seeking a recommendation, consider the ASUS Chromebook C204.


You may borrow a Chromebook from the school. All families that borrow from ENSATS will be charged a one-time $50 Technology Fee*.

  1. Accidental damage to a borrowed Chromebook can be repaired through the Technology Office for a $20 repair fee.
  2. Families will be held fiscally liable for any intentional damage made to the borrowed Chromebook or if the Chromebook is lost.
  3. Borrowed Chromebooks may be brought home on a nightly basis during the school year. Borrowed Chromebooks are returned at the end of the school year for the summer break.

✦✦✦ It is highly recommended that, when possible, Chromebooks are purchased by the family. ✦✦✦

Setup/Restrictions: All Chromebooks, whether borrowed from the school or purchased by the family, are required to be enrolled into the school’s Google Workspace for education management console. Enrollment in the management system will allow us to provide network access to Chromebooks, easy access to materials, secure testing, and enforce Chromebook restrictions. Some restrictions include limiting access to apps, extensions, and some settings. In order to be enrolled in the management system, Chromebooks will need to be “Powerwashed,” which means anything previously saved to the Chromebook will be deleted. We ask that if you have information saved to a Chromebook that it be backed up to your Google account before enrollment.

Non-Chromebook Devices: Chromebooks are the required device for students in class. Windows laptops or Macbooks are not permitted. This is done to ensure that teachers are able to provide unified instruction to all students; therefore, we believe it is important that all students have the same type of device. In addition, Chromebooks will be enrolled in a management system to ensure productivity and provide network access.


Additional Information

Student Accounts – Students will receive information on how to access their Aspen, Schoology, Google, and other accounts in person through their freshman folder during freshman orientation.

Caregiver Accounts – Families will receive information on how to log on to their Aspen, Schoology, and Naviance accounts via automated emails in September.

If you have any questions about our 1-to-1 Chromebook program or other Technology resources, please feel free to email [email protected]


Best Regards,

Joseph V. Marino
Director of Technology
Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School

*In accordance with district policy, families experiencing financial need in order to address this requirement are encouraged to contact the Technology Office.


Frequently Asked Questions 


Q. Can students use a device other than a Chromebook, such as a PC Laptop, Macbook, or iPad? 
A. No, we ask that students only use Chromebooks in class. We want to ensure that teachers are able to provide unified instruction to all students, therefore, we believe it’s important that all students have the same type of device. In addition, Chromebooks will be enrolled in a management system to ensure productivity and provide network access.

Q. If a  family chooses to borrow, is the $50 Technology Fee paid yearly? 
A. No, the $50 Technology Fee is a one-time that covers all four years at Essex Tech.

Q. Do students return borrowed Chromebooks for the summer? 
A. Yes, families that elect to borrow a Chromebook from the school will need to return the Chromebook during the summer break.

Q. Which Chromebook will students receive if a family chooses to borrow?
A. At this time, we anticipate that students will borrow a Lenovo 100e Chromebook (2nd Gen) or something similar.

Q. Why do you recommend the Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3? 
A. While there are many great Chromebook options available, we are recommending this model for its combination of ruggedness and cost-effectiveness.