iPad Initiative

Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School is proud to be an iPad 1:1 high school. The goal of our 1:1 student iPad initiative is to provide each student with a  personal learning device for use at school as well as at home. In order to achieve this 1:1 goal, we worked with Apple and selected a “community-funded model”.  Our plan provides families with options.  A family has the option to purchase an iPad outright, make monthly payments, bring their own iPad or borrow an iPad from the school.

If you have any questions after reading this information, please contact Tammy Rodolico, Technology Director via email at [email protected]

The benefits of this 1:1 community-funded model include:

  • Allowing access to technology quickly
  • Increasing the number of computers available to students in school and at home
  • Allowing full ownership of the equipment at the end of the financing term with affordable payments
  • Allowing the student to have exclusive use of the personal device with school-sanctioned apps
  • Allowing the district to provide Digital textbooks and licensed access to web-based content
  • Allowing the district to monitor devices, provide software that students need for class, ensure the devices are being used appropriately, and also control access to school networks and the internet using a mobile device management platform