Transcript Request

Recent Graduates 

Class of 2019: For those of you who requested a final transcript be forwarded to your Fall college/university placement (who shared your identified and confirmed Fall college/university commitments during your senior exit meetings with your guidance counselor), please know that these transcripts will be forwarded in a timely manner (prior to July 1 deadlines).  You DO NOT need to make any additional transcript requests (either electronically on our website or by email to our Registrar or your counselor).

Former Students

To authorize us to release a copy of your transcript to an educational institution or to request a personal copy of your school transcripts, please fill out the online form below or print and mail in or drop off a paper copy of the form. School Transcripts will only be released upon authorization of the former student (or parent/guardian if the student is under 18 years of age). Most educational institutions will require that we send transcripts directly to avoid tampering.

Please note that the creation and opening of Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School in September 2014 was the result of merging the former schools, North Shore Technical High School, Essex Agricultural & Technical High School, and three of Peabody High School’s Career Technical Education Programs. Transcripts from all four schools can be obtained through the transcript request process.

Former students of “Essex Agricultural & Technical Institute” in the post-secondary program (not for grades 9-12) should contact the Registrar’s Office at North Shore Community College for transcripts.

Transcript requests are typically processed within 2 business days, however, they may take up to 10 days to complete.

Current Students 

To request a copy of your school transcript, please contact your guidance counselor directly.

Contact Information 

Kathy Kindler, Registrar
[email protected]
Phone: (978) 304-4700 ext. 1501
Fax: (978) 304-4672