Construction Craft Laborers


Ms. Jayme Vanderkloot, Mr. Christopher Moore, and Mr. Douglas Foley.


The Construction Craft Laborers program prepares students for careers in the construction and building trades. The construction industry is one of the most diverse industries. From highway or building construction, environmental restoration, tunnel and shaft construction, and demolition projects to training and knowledge of craft skills and handling of hazardous materials, students gain a broad knowledge of the industry. The construction industry remains a major growth industry and a source of job opportunities for individuals entering the workforce.

Students enrolled in the Construction Craft Laborer program will earn various certifications and training that will prepare and create a pathway for future employment in the industry, as well as the opportunity to continue into local construction unions.



  • OSHA 30-Construction
  • First Aid/CPR
  • MassDOT 30-hour certification

Industry Partnerships 

  • New England Laborers’ Trust
  • Local 22