Cooperative Education Program

Co-op At A Glance

Employers must agree to:

  • Provide jobs that directly align with the student’s CTE program.
  • Provide students with 30 hours minimum during their CTE cycle, which is every OTHER Wednesday-Tuesday (typical week, sometimes varies) and they do not need to be traditional school hours.
  • Provide supervision at all times.
  • Pay students minimum wage, or more.
  • Provide student with workmen’s compensation insurance coverage, and provide an active policy binder.
  • Allow any and all supervisors, or people they would be left alone with, to submit to a CORI background check and personally meet a school official at a work site.
  • Allow a school representative to conduct a safety inspection.
  • Complete the necessary Cooperative Education paperwork that will be provided to you once you establish communication with the Career Counselor.

If you would like to speak to the Career Counselors about employing Co-op students, please reach out to the Career Counselor of the CTE program your business is interested in. For additional information about Co-op, please view the documents below.

Co-op Program Contact Information 

Kristin Doherty: Career Counselor for the following programs:  Advanced Manufacturing, Arboriculture, Companion Animals, Design & Media Communications, Engineering & Automation Technology, Equine Science, Information Technology Services, Landscaping & Turf Management, Natural & Environmental Sciences, Sustainable Horticulture, Veterinary Science, Biotechnology and Dental Assisting.

Email: [email protected] 

Elizabeth Shea: Career Counselor for the following programs: Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing, Automotive Technology, Carpentry, Construction Craft Laborers, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Electricity, Health Assisting, HVAC-R, Masonry & Tile Setting, and Plumbing.

Email: [email protected]

Lisa Berube: Cooperative Education Coordinator

Email: [email protected]