Freshman Exploratory Preferences

Dear Class of 2022 Families, Grade 9 students began the Exploratory Preference Selection process today, Wednesday, September 12, 2018.  Each student received a yellow Exploratory Preference Form indicating their exploratory preferences.  Parents/Guardians are asked to review this information with their child tonight (Wednesday evening), make any necessary changes in ink and sign the form indicating parental/guardian approval.  To ensure all preferences... read more »

Freshman CTE Program Selection

Grade 9 CTE Program Selection took place today, Thursday, January 8, 2018. Students will come home from school today with gold CTE Selection forms that must be reviewed, approved and SIGNED BY A PARENT/GUARDIAN tonight and RETURNED TO THE FRESHMAN ACADEMY OFFICE – FRIDAY – MORNING, (January 19, 2018).  

Freshman Family CTE Info Night

Freshmen parents & caretakers are encouraged to attend an informational session hosted by the Grade 9 Guidance Counselors regarding the Grade 9 Career Technical Selection and Placement Process on Wednesday, November 8. The program will begin promptly at 6:00 pm in the Main Cafe. 

Class of 2021 Updates & Reminders

CTE Exploratory Attendance & Grading Grade 9 students have almost completed participation in their second CTE Exploratory cycle already! Please be reminded that Grade 9 students who are absent during CTE Exploratory cycles are expected to see their CTE Exploratory instructor to make up work missed during a CTE Exploratory cycle within ten (10)... read more »

Grade 9 Exploratory Selection: September 13

Grade 9 students began the Exploratory Selection process on Wednesday, September 13.  Each student received a gold Selection Sheet indicating his or her exploratory preferences.  Parents/Guardians are asked to review this information with their son/daughter Wednesday evening, make any necessary changes, sign the form indicating parental approval and send the form back to school TOMORROW, Thursday, September... read more »

Career Discovery Begins!

Grade 9 Career Discovery begins tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 6).  Grade 9 students should report to their first Career Technical Program at the start of the school day for attendance and to begin their program.  Any student needing a new Career Discovery schedule can report to the Freshman Academy Office before school.  Reminder: Students should wear appropriate... read more »