5-Year Strategic Plan

5-Year Strategic Plan Overview

Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School District will begin a 5-Year Strategic Plan using the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s “Planning for Success” model.  The process will take place over the next nine months, beginning June 2016 to February 2017, at which time the 5-Year Strategic Plan will be complete and the action steps for overseeing the plan’s implementation will begin.

The Planning Team, comprised of representative stakeholders from all areas of the Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School District, creates the school community’s 5-Year Strategic Plan with community input and feedback. The Planning Team envisions and then creates a comprehensive plan for making Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School an innovative learning institution in agricultural and technical education.

The planning process begins with a visioning protocol where the Planning Team and all stakeholder groups have the opportunity to participate in developing a future vision for Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School. At the same time, the Planning Team analyzes a wide range of school data and conducts root cause analysis of key data points and trends. Themes identified from the visioning protocol serve as guideposts for identifying the plan’s strategic objectives, as do the results of the Planning Team’s data work. Strategic initiatives to accomplish these objectives will be identified and finalized.  The Planning Team’s work ends with a 5-Year Strategic Plan that includes a vision statement, strategic objectives and initiatives for completing these objectives, the identification of measurable outcomes, and the creation of a Strategic Plan Team to oversee the plan’s implementation.  Planning Team dates are in blue in the outline below.

Planning Team Timeline – 9 Months

Meeting Description & DateObjective
Recruit Planning Team
June 2016
- Recruit and identify Planning Team members
Pre-Planning Meeting
August 2, 2016
8 am-12 pm
- Visioning Protocol with Admin. Group with Lori Likis
- Identify key data points for planning process that are relevant to school/district performance
- Principal and admins gather key data
Planning Session 1
August 18, 2016
8 am-2:30 pm
- Overview of inclusive planning process and the Planning for Success Model
- Norm-setting protocol
- Planning process, planning team role and schedule
- Visioning protocol with Lori Likis
- School data presentation (by Principal)
- Root cause analysis of selected school data
Constituent Sharing
Visioning Sessions
September 2016
- Representatives from constituent Planning Team groups bring the visioning protocol to their groups to gather input
Planning Session 2
October 11, 2016
8 am-2:30 pm
- Synthesizing community visioning results to identify common themes
- Identifying strategic objectives from community feedback to the common themes
- Inventorying the district’s current school improvement work
- Overview: setting outcomes
Planning Session 3
November 7, 2016
8 am-2:30 pm
- Debrief of the community engagement process conducted by the Planning Team after Retreat 2
- Revising strategic objectives from community’s feedback
- Identifying strategic initiatives
- Drafting outcomes
Planning Session 4
December 2, 2016
8 am-2:30 pm
- Debrief of the community engagement process conducted after Retreat 3
- Quality review of emerging strategic plan draft
- Drafting vision statement
Plan Implementation
January 12, 2017
8 am-2:30 pm
- Debrief of the community engagement process conducted after Retreat 4
- Prioritize strategic initiatives for implementation in SY17-18
- Overview of action planning process
- Strategic planning workshop
Finalize Action Plan
February 13, 2017
8 am- 2:30 pm
- Strategic Plan review protocol
- Monitoring
- Create Strategic Plan Team