Interview Information

A required part of the admissions process is an interview.  Interviews are being conducted via Zoom.  Your school counselor has been notified about the specific times for individual interviews on the dates that are indicated in the list provided on the Interview SchedulePlease know that many schools are still in the process of establishing specific interview times. Please do not contact your school counselor unless you have not received your interview time one week before your school’s scheduled interview date(s). 


IMPORTANT:  The interview schedule is very tight; interviews are scheduled every 15 minutes.  Therefore, students must be ready to sign on for their interview at their appointed time.  If you do not get connected immediately, please wait to be let in to the interview.


Please note:  The interview is conducted with the student only; parents are not involved in the interview.  


Students: Try to locate yourself in as distraction-free an environment as you can and ensure that your camera is turned on. Closed-captioning will be available on all interviews so that you can both hear and see the questions that are being asked.  


To arrange translation, please contact your school counselor in advance of the interview date.  


If you have trouble connecting to the Zoom link at your appointed time, email us at  i[email protected].  

In the email please include: 

    • your name 
    • your school name 
    • date and time of your scheduled interview
    • phone number

We will contact you to assist or reschedule your interview.