Course Selection

Course Selection for next school year is underway at Essex North Shore!

Instructor Recommendations:  February 26 – March 6, 2019

Academic instructors shared information about next year’s courses with their students beginning after the February break and have recommended students for course levels for next school year for core content classes.

Student Course Selection (Guidance Lessons):  March 7-19, 2019*

Guidance Counselors will visit classes to support students with making informed decisions about next year’s courses March 16-26  according to the schedule below. Class visits are anticipated to conclude by March 22.  

GRADE 9 (YOG 2022):
Lessons in Academic Skills Classes: March 13-19, 2019

GRADE 10 (YOG 2021):
Lessons in History Classes: March 7-12, 2019

GRADE 11 (YOG 2020):
Lessons in History Classes: March 13-19, 2019


Parent/Guardian Course Approvals

Students will bring home “Course Selection Approval Sheets” for parental review, feedback and approval according to the following schedule:

*March 15, 2019:  Grade 10  (due back to Academy Offices by Friday, March 22, 2019)

*March 22, 2019: Grade 9 and Grade 11  (due back to Academy Offices by Friday, March 29, 2019)

In preparation for Course Approval Week, please talk with your child about their interests and their instructors’ recommendations. For additional information about course offerings and course levels, visit   Parents/Guardians are also very much encouraged to consult with their child’s instructors during this phase for additional information about courses and level recommendations.