If They Had Known – Community Presentation

Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School is proud to present  “If They Had Known ” to our parents and guardians as well as any and all interested community members on Wednesday, January 23, 2019, at 6:30 pm on our Main Campus.  The If They Had Known”  program includes an important, powerful 30-minute video documentary that focuses on the risks of current party culture. It is not a program about addiction or substance abuse.  Rather, the documentary is a candid film spoken BY kids TO kids and families about the risks of recreationally mixing prescription drugs with alcohol.  The film is an honest and emotional account of a real event culminating in the death of a local young man named Clay Soper (Winchester HS graduate) as well as what Clay’s friends and family learned from this tragedy.  It is their hope to spread their messages to all who will hear and Essex North Shore is proud to assist as well as honor Clay’s memory.   For more information visit iftheyhadknown.com/

All Essex North Shore students are participating in this program during Wellness and/or Science classes with the support of the Wellness Dept., School Counseling faculty and our School Resource Officer.


“This is the type of documentary that everyone should see. Students, parents, everyone. We are all ‘normal’ people, and so were Clay, his friends, and his family.  It was a normal night that went horribly wrong. Imagine if they had the information that we now have.  Talking with students after the fact proved one thing to me about this topic; they are listening.” – Wellness Teacher

“If They Had Known” shed light on a topic that is often forgotten about in today’s society, the young adult party culture. Between the documentary and the follow-up discussion, students and staff had the opportunity to explore the dangers of mixing substances and offered the ability to openly discuss what everyone should do in the case of emergencies. I feel that this was an invaluable addition to our wellness curriculum, and to our school culture as a whole.” – Wellness Teacher

“I Grew up in Winchester in the ’80s and the attitude of kids was the same then, ‘that’s not going to happen to us’, ‘We don’t party like that”, or ‘That doesn’t happen here’.  The ironic thing is it happened back then and we didn’t talk about it, and it is still happening now.  I hope by sharing this story, kids will truly realize it can happen to them,  no matter where they live.” – CTE Teacher