Class of 2021 Updates & Reminders

CTE Exploratory Attendance & Grading
Grade 9 students have almost completed participation in their second CTE Exploratory cycle already! Please be reminded that Grade 9 students who are absent during CTE Exploratory cycles are expected to see their CTE Exploratory instructor to make up work missed during a CTE Exploratory cycle within ten (10) school days of their return to school (teacher schedule attached) (consistent with the Student Handbook expectations for making up work following absences from academic courses or CTE Programs). CTE Exploratory grading can be impacted if makeup tasks are not completed in a timely manner following absences during CTE Exploratory cycles. Questions regarding CTE Exploratory can be directed to your son/daughter’s Guidance Counselor or a CTE Director. Please also make every effort to attend the Grade 9 Parent Info Session on CTE Program Selection & Placement hosted by the Guidance Department on Wednesday, November 8 at 6:00 pm.
Bullying & Harassment Prevention & Intervention Initiatives
Wellness faculty began delivering the MARC (Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center) bullying prevention curriculum during your child’s Wellness classes last week. This is a research-based bullying, cyberbullying, and cyber-behaviors curriculum, designed for use by middle and high schools. In addition, the Assistant Principals met with the Class of 2021 recently to review our district policies on Bullying and Harassment and Discrimination.  These efforts are consistent with our district’s commitment to providing a safe and secure learning and work environment for all students and employees, without distinction, where all community members treat each other with respect.  We encourage parents and caretakers to talk with their children about this content and review our policies and protocols at Information regarding the MARC Curriculum and supporting resources can also be found at Questions regarding our Bullying Prevention PolicyPolicy can be directed to Shannon Donnelly, Grade 9 Assistant Principal. Questions about the MARC curriculum or our Discrimination and Harassment Policy can be directed to Sandy Goldstein, Guidance (Wellness Dept.) Director/Civil Rights Co-Coordinator.